Why Rent a Vacation Apartment in Cefalu Sicily?

Cefalu is one of Sicily’s hidden treasures. That’s a shame because it is consistently voted the most beautiful city in Sicily. A small, shore town that is home to ancient Greek ruins, Norman Cathedrals, and the best food in the world.

If you are planning on going, you might want to pass by the hotels, and choose a vacation apartment instead. This gives you your very own private apartment.

Here are two huge reasons why you should choose a vacation apartment over a hotel in Cefalu:

1. Location, Location, Location

One of the best parts of renting a vacation apartment in Cefalu, is that most of them are located in the city’s breath taking, historic center. This is the “old world” part of the city. The streets are lined with boutiques, shops, bakeries, cafes, clothing stores for men and women, and small, locally owned restaurants. The old, cobblestone streets lead to a huge, nearly 1,000 year old cathedral, and the town’s main square, the Piazza del Duomo, at the head of which sites the majestic Duomo Cathedral.

Most hotels, on the other hand, are quite a bit further away. Many are located in the newer, more industrial sections of Cefalu. Still a beautiful area, but you will have a long walk (tough in the summer’s heat and humidity – the old saying goes that “Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen Brave the Sicilian Sun”). Or, you’ll have to drive (a tough task for any visitor), or take a cab. This can add up, and really limit how much of the gorgeous city you can actually see.

By staying in a vacation apartment in the historic center, you’ll have walkable access to the piazza, three gorgeous churches, restaurants, shopping, and the beach and promenade (called the Lungomare, similar to American boardwalks), are just a few meters away.

2. Cooking Areas

Sicily is home to some of the best food on earth. There are no shortage of restaurants, cafes, bakeries, pizzarias, etc.

However, you should know that many stores and restaurants do not keep typical “American” or “British” hours. They will close in the afternoon. If you really need a big breakfast, it can be tough to find in Sicily, and Cefalu is no exception. Breakfast there is typically some type of coffee and a sweet.

Lunch can be an issue as well, as most things are closed during normal lunch hours.

If you need to take medicine with food, are on a specific diet, or are just looking to help your body maintain it’s schedule, the ability to cook for yourself is a huge advantage.

Plus, eating out for every meal, for days on end, can get very expensive.

But, don’t think this means you’ll lose out on the fantastic eating experiences that Cefalu has to offer.

In addition to all of those great cafes and restaurants, the city also sports amazing fruit and vegetable stands, dry goods stores, some of the freshest milk and eggs on the island, and a stunningly wide selection of fresh (as in caught just a few yards off shore) fish.

Vacation apartments come with a small kitchen, refrigerator, and basic cooking utensils. This is a huge advantage when you want a quick breakfast, lunch, or late night snack.

Hotels do not offer this.