West Village Apartments – A Neighbourhood Profile for Tenants

The West Village apartments are known to be among the most coveted properties in NYC. The neighbourhood is located in the northwest part of downtown Manhattan. The area is spread from the 6th Avenue to Hudson River and Houston Street to the 14th Street. The neighbourhood is known to be among the most expensive locations in NYC and is known for apartments that do not offer too much space. However, the atmosphere here in general is causal and cool and has a European feel to it with outdoor seating and various cafes.

The Apartment Options

West Village apartments are mostly occupied by a mix of old and young with the demographics varying on every street. The neighbourhood has numerous low rise buildings, walkups and townhouses. Many of these have rooftop decks, patios or gardens. The street grids can be very confusing for some people since most streets here have names and not numbers. However, with time it is easy to catch up with the system. The neighbourhood rental rates can be quite higher than most other places in Manhattan but it does offer the advantage of the location and the chance to live in downtown Manhattan, one of the most happening and lively places in NYC.

Appealing Characteristics

One of the main reasons why the West Village apartments are so coveted is because of the various appealing characteristics of the neighbourhood and the various things to do that it offers. Some streets are cobblestone while others have large garages with antique cars. The Bleecker Street is one of the best places to shop since it is lined up with exquisite boutiques. The West 4th Street is lined with restaurants that offer great choices in drinking and dining. The Hudson River Park is stretched along the neighbourhood. The beautiful esplanade with many parks offer the residents a peaceful and beautiful place to relax, play, bike and jog.

Learning a little about the neighbourhood before you start apartment hunting is always better since it would provide you the feel of the area and will give you an idea about how it would feel to live there. The West Village is an enjoyable, lively and very chic area where residents have plenty of options for relaxation, recreation, dining and entertainment. Although the apartments are a little on the expensive side and the space is scarce, the experience that the residents enjoy here is unparalleled.

Living in this neighbourhood can be a good experience for families as well as young professionals. However, it is best to research as much as you can and check all the details about the apartments before making any decisions. This would ensure that you would be able to find some of the best and the most affordable West Village apartments.