SoHo Apartments – The Most Coveted Apartments in NYC

SoHo apartments are arguably the best real estate that you can find in NYC. SoHo is a large area located in downtown Manhattan. The area runs from the Houston Street to the Canal Street, from Lafayette Street to Hudson River. Known for its café culture, artistic blend and its stylish boutiques, this is a great choice for those looking for an elegant, sophisticated place to live. SoHo has enjoyable bars, great shopping destinations and many good restaurants which makes it an enjoyable place to live. The neighbourhood also offers close proximity to the Chinatown, Little Village, NoLita and the Village which makes it easier to explore various destinations around the area and check what other neighbourhood has to offer.

Residential Options in SoHo

SoHo apartments generally tend to the well to do crowd. Before you start apartment hunting in this area you should know that the real estate prices there tend to be the highest that you will find in the city. If you are on a tight budget this is the area you will want to avoid. There are several choices available for those who are ready to shell out some serious money. From a small number of walkups to several grand lofts with elevators and a limited number of high rises, you will definitely have several great choices in this neighbourhood. The apartments are spacious and well maintained and the whole feel of this neighbourhood is posh, polished and very influential.

Shopping and Entertainment

One of the main reasons why SoHo apartments are so highly prices is because the neighbourhood offers several shopping and entertainment options. The neighbourhood is known to be one of the best shopping destinations in Manhattan. You can check the West Broadway, the side streets or the Spring Street and you will be able to find several stores worth checking out. Although most shopping options that can be found in the area are quite upscale, you will also find a few flea markets as well as street vendors with jewellery, crafts and arts during the warmer months.

The apartments in this neighbourhood are not for those with tight means. However, if you don’t really mind paying the high rents then this could be one of the best places to live in NYC. The elegant and luxurious apartments provide all the amenities that one could want while the neighbourhood is easily one of the most desirable places to live in the city. With a little research you will be able to find good apartments that can be a little affordable for young professionals. SoHo apartments are definitely the best of their kind that can be found today in NYC.