Should You Live in Downtown Austin Apartments?

Everyone can find something to enjoy in downtown Austin. Whether you enjoy fine dining, live music, museums, theater, nightlife, or just being outdoors, you can do it here. You don’t even have to pick which one is your favorite because they are all within walking distance of each other.

The shopping is great downtown as long as you like unique items. A number of boutique shops ensure that there will always be something than none of your other friends will have. Brand name place are few and far between downtown.

The food is also unique. There are plenty of nice places to get any kind of food. Italian, seafood, steak and Mexican are all available within walking distance from anywhere in the area. Don’t forget all the less-talked about street food available. Roppolo’s and The Onion have some of the best pizza anywhere in town. Best Wurst can give you some great dogs and kraut. Hog Island can give you, absolutely, the best Philly Cheesesteak in town.

While downtown isn’t known for family life, it can be great for them too. The public schools available to children that live downtown are Mathews Elementary, O’Henry Middle School, and Austin High. There are also a number of private schools in the area for children from pre-school to high school. This includes the Cathedral School of St. Mary, the oldest continually operating school in Central Texas.

Downtown also has some downsides. The most obvious is the cost. Rent very high compared to the rest of the city. In most cases, you will pay twice what you would for a similarly sized apartment elsewhere in town. Many of the places also play a game by charging a parking fee that isn’t included in the rent.

There are some other factors to consider before moving to downtown Austin. Depending on the exact location, you may have to put with more noise than your friends who live elsewhere. This can be reduced by living on higher floors and staying away from the entertainment district. You will also have to put up with the frequent street closing that affect the downtown area.