Should I Stay in a Boutique Hotel?

Some people have already started planning next year’s holiday and if you are one of them, then you are almost definitely wondering what kind of accommodation to stay in. Apartments, villas and hotels are the most popular choice but how about something a bit more exclusive next year? How about staying in a boutique hotel?

A boutique hotel is a one-off masterpiece that is always styled with top quality fixtures and fittings, some boutique hotels are decorated head-to-toe in a certain theme. There are far less guest rooms than you would expect to find in your mainstream hotel which offers a level of intimacy and makes you feel that extra bit special. You can expect your bedroom to be a place of calm and tranquility – don’t expect to find any televisions or internet connection. Boutique hotels are designed to surround you in luxury and calm, you will probably get the best nights sleep you’ve had for a while.

The dining room will be just as beautifully decorated as the rest of the hotel and the food and service will be of top quality. You are catered for personally and you are not just another number. Saying all this is not meant as a criticism to standard hotels; it is just helping to define what qualifies the term boutique hotel.

So how about a quick check list to see which one would be suited to you:

- Do you want: (a) a relaxing time-out (b) a busy, non-stop holiday?
- Do you want: (a) to be with a small amount of guests (b) to be surrounded by a crowd of guests?
- Would you like (a) to dine in style with table service (b) to race fellow guests to the buffet?
- Would you (a) pay a bit more for quality (b) go for the cheap option by compromising on standards?
- Could you (a) do with a good night’s sleep (b) not cope without television or internet in your room?
- Are you (a) looking for something stylish and unique (b) looking for a regular holiday?
- Do you care about (a) going somewhere new (b) just getting away?

If you answered mostly (a) then you definitely need to stay in a boutique hotel, you will not be disappointed. If you answered (b) then maybe you’d be better suited to a regular hotel, however when you do feel like getting away from noisy guests and getting a bit of VIP service then maybe it’ll be time for a boutique hotel.