Renting Apartments in SoHo – Neighborhood Guide

SoHo Living

Renting apartments in SoHo can be a very exciting lifestyle experience. With SoHo’s artistic flagstone streets, pre-war buildings and fashion boutiques, there is no wonder why the streets stay packed. New York natives and even SoHo residents opt to bypass the area on weekends and holidays because of all the action.

Nonetheless, SoHo is one of the finest areas to live in Manhattan and a few common-reasons why people love SoHo are; the various fashion-quality stores, fine dinning and the many vendors selling their,’not going to find anywhere else’ goods along the sidewalk.
This Neighborhood Guide outlines the top reasons why people are renting apartments in SoHo or looking into renting apartments in SoHo.

SoHo Landmarks

Canal Street to Houston Street (between the Hudson River and Lafayette Street) landmarks the SoHo district. Public transportation is a very important factor for those renting apartments in SoHo (and anywhere else in New York for that matter). Learning the subway, knowing what trains to catch, is a must know for most New Yorkers because many do not own cars.
With the many trains to catch, it can be confusing at first. Even people who are renting apartments in SoHo are still learning how to get around the district. Below outlines a quick reference guide on what trains will get you to-and-from the SoHo district.

SoHoSubway Transportation
To-and-From Canal street: A/C/E or N/R/Q/W or 1/2/3 or J/M/Z or the 6 train
To-and-From Spring Street: C/E or 6
To-and-from Houston Street: 1/2/3

SoHoBus Transportation
M21: Goes cross-town on Houston Street
M1 and M6: Runs down Broadway (both M1 and M6 runs back up Lafayette)
M6: also goes up 6th Ave.
M20: Runs up Hudson Street and down VarickStreet

SoHo Shops

Shoppers love this area because the district is surrounded by some of the most fashionably, high-end boutiques in the whole world. Ask any New Yorker what they know about SoHo and they’ll say it’s where everyone goes to shop.

Well…every one rolling in the big bucks. SoHo is landmarked by designer stores such as, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Dolce &Gabbana, Coach and Burberry, which can be found on West Broadway, Broadway, Spring and Broome Streets. Other stores in the area include, H&M, Banana Republic, J. Crew, UNIQLO, American Eagle, Bloomingdale and the Apple Store.Imagine the fun IN your closet, living just a few blocks away from these stores.

SoHo Restaurants

Fine dining, is yet another reason why people love it here. A lot of 4 and 5 star restaurants reside here, so it’s a no brainer why most food lovers are drawn to the area. Restaurants like, Mercer Kitchen, Fiamma Osteria, Balthazar and The Cub Room keeps an appitite intruged. (Please check back with us for a listing of some of SoHo’s most favorite restaurants).

SoHo Apartments

If you’d like to live like the millionaires do in SoHo, you may be interested in the Central SoHo area, it’s a well-known place of residence for millionaires who like to live in the action but don’t want to be within it. If you prefer to simply ‘visit’ the action and not necessarily ‘live in it’; then you may be interested in the newly renovated apartments in West SoHo (towards the Hudson River) conveniently located near and around the fun!

SoHo Schools

Parents looking into renting apartments in SoHo should be aware that there are only private schools in the SoHo area; which includes, Elisabeth Irwin High School, located at 40 Charlton Street and is affiliate with the Little Red Schoolhouse for pre-K-8th grade, located in the nearby West Village on Sixth Avenue at Bleecker Street.

SoHo Nightlife

A few of the neighborhood’s favorite spots to hang out include, CiprianiSoHo, the Grand Bar and Lounge at the SoHo Grand Hotel. For something more laidback, visit SoHo Park, an outdoor restaurant/garden. To dance the night away, hang out at, S.O.B.’s, playing great Brazilian, Reggae, R&B and hip-hop tunes.
SoHo Parks/ Recreational Fun
Along the Hudson, everything from golf to rock climbing can be done over here. Or maybe a day stretched out on open land may be a better time! Head to the Hudson River Park where bikers and rollers are extremely welcomed.

Other helpful things to know in the SoHo area…

(24hr) ATM:
Duane Reade
598 Broadway between Houston and Prince Streets
Bank of America,
589 Broadway between Houston and Prince Streets
Northfork Bank,
200 Lafayette Street between Broome and Spring Streets
Chase Manhattan Bank

525 Broadway at Spring Streets
(24hr) Pharmacies
Duane Reade: (212) 343-2567
598 Broadway between Houston and Prince.

Post Office:
Prince Station
24 Greene Street between Prince and Houston Streets
Village Station
201 Varick Street at Houston Street

Police Precinct:
6th Precinct: (212) 741-4811
233 West 10th Street between Hudson and Bleecker Streets,

Supermarkets and Delis
Gourmet Garage (212) 941-5850
453 Broome Street at Mercer Street
Dean &DeLuca: (212) 226-6800
560 Broadway at Prince Street
Sunrise Mart: (212) 219-0033
494 Broome Street at West Broadway
Fruit & Vegetable: (212) 966-8275
56 Spring Street