Kota Kinabalu Boutique Backpacker

Velvet Lodge Kota Kinabalu

Ultra hip and modern, Velvet Lodge is Kota Kinabalu’s newest boutique backpacker accommodation. A market leader in comfortability, convenience and award winning design…Velvet Lodge is clearly in a league of its own.

Velvet Lodge is conveniently located within KK’s city center – truly your home away from home with everything you may ever need within easy reach. Velvet Lodge boasts 5 exclusive dormitory rooms in total (2 air conditioned, 3 fan operated) with a capacity of 4 guests per room. Every care has been taken to ensure the lodge offers everything guests could need to compliment their stay in Kota Kinabalu. Each of the 5 guest rooms are furnished with orthopedic spring mattresses with 100% super soft cotton linen, ultra cool cement screeded floors and striking purple sandblasted feature walls.

Guest facilities include cozy guest lounge, complimentary wireless Internet (WiFi), continental breakfast and spacious common bathrooms that are also tastefully designed. In addition, guests may opt to dine at Velvet Lounge which is oh so conveniently located on the 1st floor. Whether it be for a scrumptious meal, to kick back and relax or a party experience like none other… Velvet Lounge is guaranteed to surpass all expectation.

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Velvet Lounge

Velvet Lounge is Bandaran Berjaya’s resident entertainment joint. Covering an area of 2300 square feet, this intimate sized venue is set apart by its design – a love letter to hubby and wife owners’ eclectic Australian-SE Asian background. Cozy and personal, adorned with trendy designer wicker furnishings, latest cocktails and celeb-chef styled foods to tease the palate…Velvet Lounge draws its crowd like moths to a flame.

Open 7 days a week, Velvet Lounge is the place to kick-back and draw in the sights and sounds of an evolving metropolis. Its interior of understated elegance speak volumes – super soft velvet cushions on wicker sofa frames, delicately hand-laid sandstone on bar counters and signature walls, thus expressing the power of nature and exuding class – perfect for all the moods in between.

Taste calibrating spot…a sanctuary from the typical…Velvet Lounge – a rite-of-passage to a more evolved party experience.