Boutique Hotels Not to Be Missed Out

Boutique hotels in Amsterdam excel in their ability to provide comfortable, cosmopolitan and elegant settings. Many steps apart from their rather ordinary contemporaries, these boutique hotels offer a greater level of luxury as they are ready to serve the most distinguished of guests plying in from all corners of the world paying different price ranges. Their hospitality concept includes addressing the requests, demands and concerns of their customers in the best and most professional manner, ensuring each guest the most memorable stay throughout his or her vacation in the city of Amsterdam.

Lloyd Hotel is one of the most reputable boutique hotels in the core city of the Netherlands. It is situated behind the old center, within walking distance from the Amsterdam Central Station thus making it an ideal venue for easy access to the transportation network. It has been recently renovated into an environment more unique than the others, merging the latest Dutch architectural designs with some of the basic classical essence as portrayed in its rooms. Lloyd Hotel offers a wide range of rooms and its prices are in accordance to the interior furnishings, room dimensions and facilities, rating from one to five stars with Euros to match.

There is a hotel inspired by the London minimalism style known as the Dylan Amsterdam. This is a luxurious establishment that supports the concept of serving pleasure to its clients of which celebrities make the majority of the check-in crowd. As such, they also intend to preserve intimacy and confidentiality, staying firm with its admirable and thoughtful hospitality. The Dylan Amsterdam is located at the Emperor’s Canal, Keizersgracht in a 17th century mammoth building.

Joining the list of boutique accommodations is the Hotel Roemer, being one of the premium small boutique hotels in the city of canals, islands and bridges. It is located in a quiet side street of the Vondelpark, named as Roemer Vischerstraat. Hotel Roemer is definitely a place for relaxation in a modern yet quiet ambience. Within easy walking distance, you can enjoy some sightseeing exhibits in the vicinity of Museumplein, also known as Museum Square. In contrary to the norm, the College Hotel is a modern and stylish yet charming hotel located in an old school building. Its name stands for a dual meaning as it is being managed by the young college students of Amsterdam Hotel Management School. It has a strategic location, being situated at the elegant area of South Amsterdam.