5 Best Areas to Rent Apartments in Oklahoma City

If you’re relocating to Oklahoma City, you may feel a little overwhelmed as you start looking for housing. This is a sprawling city with housing options available. Because Oklahoma City is so large, determining the best areas to rent apartments in Oklahoma City can be a little tricky. With only city bus lines for public transportation, you may want to limit your search to areas near your office. Oklahoma City apartment rentals can be sorted by location. Some of the best areas to explore are listed below.

The center of the action is in Bricktown/Downtown. Bricktown is a renovation program that has been going on for years. Set along the banks of the North Canadian River, Bricktown is an eclectic mix of ethnic restaurants, chic boutiques, and exciting night spots. Residents can often be seen boating, running, and biking along the river’s edge. The Civic Center, Museum of Art, and Ford Sports Stadium are all within just a few miles of Downtown. Apartments here range from spacious lofts to new high rise units with spectacular views of the city skyline.

Edmond – this is one of the areas with a lot to offer. Edmond is northwest of the city and offers a mix of country and city living. Just 10 miles from city center-residents can enjoy water sports, hiking, camping, and fishing at Arcadia Lake. Other recreational areas like Pelican Bay Aquatic Park, Lake Overholser, and the Lincoln Park Zoo are all in close proximity. The schools in Edmond are among the best in the city area, and several have received national recognition for educational excellence. Apartments in the area are often well landscaped with large expanses of lawn and trees; average rent prices range from $700 – $1000 a month.

Midwest City is home to Tinker Air Force Base, the largest employer in Oklahoma. Just a short drive to the junction of I-35 and I-40, Midwest City is conveniently situated about midway between Oklahoma City center, and Norman. Cattleman’s CafĂ©, one of the best steak houses in America, is located nearby; their meat is as fresh and fabulous as it gets. Apartments here are a little older and more urban in design than in other areas of the city.

Norman is south of the city, and home to the University of Oklahoma Sooners. If you settle here, you’re bound to get pulled into the excitement of the annual football rivalry between OU and Texas. Apartments in this area, as you might imagine, are often cater to the university set. Units here tend to be newer than those offered in Midwest City, and rents are in the $800 – $1200 range. Amenities like pools, parking, and fitness facilities are the norm.

If you like loft living, East Village is a recently renovated urban area with great lofts above many of the shops and restaurants that abound in the area. East Village has lots to do in a concentrated area making it easy to walk most anywhere you want to go.

As you will be able to see, a variety of neighborhoods and environments are available for your selection. The best apartments to rent in Oklahoma City can be found looking through your set of particular priorities.