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Florence – Between Art of the Past and Modern Fashion

Florence is the city which gives and gave examples of art and beauty. The masterpieces now attracting millions of tourists are the witnesses of the ideas and the glories of the past, which were materialized in the works that are today unique beauties without time.

Florence is still master of beauty, just like during the Renaissance. This feature is exhibited not only in the art of the past but also in more modern forms of expressions, such as fashion. The most important and appreciated fashion brands established themselves in the Tuscan capital.

The one who was born and still lives in Florence inherits a sense of beauty that comes from the environment around him every day, the presence of places and monuments are characterized by a very high sense of aesthetics and attention: details and proportions represent a kind of ongoing training for the residents in this city. While living in Florence people unknowingly acquire the aesthetic sensibility which is not to be found in almost any other place in the world.

Today as in the past these places have inspired artists of all kinds, an inspiration which is also manifested in the fashion in which Florence has a very important tradition in the modern era.

Since the second half of 1900 the fashion houses of Florence have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally, to consacrate the Tuscan capital city as one of the most important Italian fashion city. Here the first fashion show was held February 12, 1951 by the Italian fashion pioneer Giovanni Battista Giorgini. Villa Torrigiani in Via dei Serragli was the location, the event was held in the presence of many international buyers, who on this occasion admired for the first time the style and elegance of the Made in Italy, which from the beginning poses as an alternative to the Parisian fashion just leading the way to the various current designers who currently continue to provide contributions to the fashion world.

Florence as all the major cities also has a specific area in which it focuses the world’s biggest names in fashion, together with other fashion boutiques Florentine. These activities are concentrated in the streets: Via Tornabuoni and Via della Vigna. These Florentine streets are in the city centre within walking distance from the most important monuments of the city.

Apart from the major fashion boutiques in Florence there are many shops which propose clothing and handmade accessories. According to the traditional tailoring and shoemaking methodology, these products are developed in order to have a own style, a customizable style according to the tastes and needs of the customer. They can be considered real pieces of the highest quality fashion art.

Activities and Accommodation in Broadbeach

Gold Coast is the Australian city that’s famous among tourists who love the sun, sand, and sea. Among its main attractions are the water activities, entertainment, and accommodation in Broadbeach, which is a well-developed district just a few minutes from the popular Surfers Paradise and the airports of Gold Coast and Brisbane. Broadbeach offers opportunities for fun, relaxation, and even business.

The major features of the area are the wide stretch of fine golden sand and the rolling ocean that’s a dream for surfers. Kurrawa Beach is one of its renowned sites and a host to the chief surf lifesaving competitions in the country. If you still have to try the favorite pastime in this part of the world, you can learn from one of the surf schools there. Beach volleyball courts and lifesaver patrols make it a suitable travel spot even for non-surfers.

The place also has some things for the kids. Parks and playgrounds are available for everyone and are complete with play equipment and rides. Theme parks, golf courses, and nature trails are also easily accessible from this area.

You can also do a lot of dining and shopping in this place. If it’s food you’re looking for, you’ll never run out of choices as Broadbeach offers from scrumptious beachfront breakfasts to enjoyable dinners and drinks in its cafes and bars. Retail shops are also located at the Oasis Shopping Centre, Broadbeach Mall, Pacific Fair, and Niecon Plaza. Designer boutiques and departments stores provide various brands and items for your shopping convenience and pleasure. There are also bazaars at Kurrawa Park twice a month.

Jupiters Casino houses not just Vegas-style entertainment, but also world-class dining. For the businessmen, it offers conference and event facilities. Exhibits, conventions, and other trade events can also be held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Broadbeach resorts, hotels, apartments, and other comfortable places to stay in are available for different types of travelers – from the lone tourist to the family vacationers. There are luxury hotels in the area, which have cafes and function rooms that are perfect for business meetings. There are beachfront apartments and holiday homes for those who’d like to make the most of their time enjoying the sun and the sea. There are also places perfect for a couple’s retreat.

Indeed, this village-like district in Gold Coast is a haven for people traveling for leisure, business, or both. It has everything you need whether you’re alone, with your friends, or with your whole family.

Learn How to Own a Boutique

Once you decide to own a boutique there are three options before you. You can buy an already existing boutique. In this kind of outright purchase you can have an already existing customer base. The second option is opening a franchise of a reputed boutique chain. This way you will have advantage of an already known brand name and good will. The third alternative is to open a brand new boutique of your own.

If you want to own a boutique you should learn to make decisions. From what products to sell to at what price, owning a boutique is all about making the right decisions at the right time. So to be a boutique owner you should not shy away from decision-making.

To own a boutique it is good to have a feel for fashion. You need to be aware of the new trends in fashion before they actually arrive. You should also be aware of what kind of clothes would suit what type of people. This knowledge comes in handy when your customers ask your expert advice in this regard.

If you are truly creative it really helps a lot to own a boutique. You can create attractive window displays. You can even design the products you sell. You can invent new styles and cuts that might impress your customers.

To own a boutique you should have in depth knowledge on the following:

o What would you sell in your boutique? : You need to decide whether you would sell men’s apparel or women’s wear. You have to decide in the first place about the kind of boutique you wish to own. For example you may prefer to own a bridal boutique to a kids wear shop. Apart from the main category you may further decide on specialty clothing that you may sell like business clothing, formal wear, casual wear, sportswear, swimwear etc.

o What is the business plan of your retail-clothing venture? In your boutique business plan you should analyze all aspects of the trade and put everything in words. A complete business plan would serve as a reference for implementing the tasks of starting your own boutique.

o How to draft start up budget? You should count on what are all the initial expenses you need to own a boutique. You should also be clear about how much money you need initially and where the start up financing would come from.