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Holiday Apartment Rental – Tarragona, Spain – Experience the Delights of the Mediterranean Coast

Tarragona – Where is it?

Have you ever tried booking a private holiday apartment rental or a holiday villa rental in Spain direct for your annual vacation? There is a vast choice of self-catering properties available throughout Spain but today I am looking at the city of Tarragona which is located on the Mediterranean coast, sixty miles south-west of Barcelona, in the region of Catalonia. A self-catering villa or apartment vacation rental in Tarragona booked direct with the private owners can be a relatively inexpensive place to stay while visiting Catalonia.


Modern Tarragona has a population of around 120,000 and it is the capital of the province of the same name. Tarragona is a popular weekend break destination for many Europeans but is also a good place to stay for longer holidays due to the variety of sights, beaches, leisure pursuits and holiday apartment rental and holiday villa rental Spain available. The climate in Tarragona is welcoming all year round with temperatures as high as 28 degrees Centigrade during the summer months and average temperatures of 7-10 degrees Centigrade during the winter.

Tourist attractions

There are many tourist attractions for visitors who book a holiday apartment rental or a villa vacation rental in Tarragona. History fans will be interested to know that in the year 2000, the city of Tarragona was designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO because of its wealth of archaeological remains dating back to Roman times. Check out the Roman Amphitheatre of Tarragona which was built in the 2nd Century. Other interesting places to visit to learn more about Tarragona’s history are the Port area of Tarragona and the harbour museum. This museum explores Tarragona’s close relationship with the sea through its maritime, trade and fishing heritage.


For those visitors who book a vacation rental in Tarragona and who prefer shopping to culture the best of Tarragona’s shops are to be found around the picturesque Rambla Nova. There are some delightful shops including unique boutique clothes shops, jewellers, accessory shops and many excellent shoe shops. Tarragona’s main market, Mercat Central, can be found just off Rambla Nova within a 1915 Modernist building designed by Joseph Pujol. If you book a self-catering holiday apartment rental or a holiday villa rental Spain you will be interested to know that the opening hours for shops here are from 10am to 10pm Mondays to Saturdays, closed Sundays.

Eating Out and Tarragona Cuisine

You won’t be disappointed in Tarragona’s choice of restaurants if you book a self-catering holiday apartment rental. Tapas Bars are plentiful in the Rambla Nova area, as well as the interesting Placa de la Font, where you will find many cafes and restaurants. You can also find some interesting bars and seafood restaurants in the Port area near the marina. Seafood is particularly good here, especially the seafood paella. Cassola de Romesco is a Tarragona speciality dish and is essentially a casserole with tomato nut sauce. Tarragona is also known for its fine wine. Do bear in mind that the Spanish eat dinner very late in the evening, often around 9pm or later.

Building Human Pyramids

Another interesting feature of this area of Spain is the sport of building human pyramids! Castellers have been building human pyramids here, some as high as five-story buildings, for hundreds of years. If you book your holiday apartment rental or villa vacation rental in Tarragona during the Sant Magi festival in mid-August you will see them in action! If you visit Tarragona in February you will catch the Carnaval Celebrations which last for a week and include parades featuring colourful costumes, a variety of foods, music, dancing, and the crowning of the carnival King and Queen.

How to Make Fold Over Elastic Boutique Baby Headbands

Are you ready to learn how to start making your very own custom made boutique elastic baby headbands? Once you catch on and practice, you will become a pro and just keep going and going with an assortment of creations. Best yet, your little girl will be wearing your own handmade headband, which no other little girl will have.

First gather your favorite elastic material and the other materials below. All materials can be purchased at any Hobby or Craft store like Jo-Ann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

I use 12″ in elastic for a newborn, 15″ inches for 4-12 months and 17″ inches for 12 months to 3 years.

A needle and thread

hot glue or decent fabric glue

a small piece of ribbon to make your headband interchangeable. The length of the piece of ribbon will depend on the width of your fold over elastic.

A clip to add to the headband when finished.

OK, are you ready?? Join the two right sides of the elastic together and run a lighter across to create a seal for stitching. This prevents fraying. Begin sewing the ends of the elastic together with the shiny side on the inside. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The idea is to have an extra support so that the headband doesn’t come apart when stretched or pulled.

Run a bit of glue across the seam on the wrong side of the elastic and place your piece of ribbon on it. Bring your elastic across the right side but don’t glue just yet. You want to make a space to put your clip in. Again, the purchase for the ribbon. Now start to glue on top of the inner side again on top of ribbon.

And there you go! You now have an interchangeable baby headband which you can now place a clip or flower or even a small girls hair bow on inside the interchangeable part. This headband can now be used in so many different ways and different looks with different outfits.

Look for different prints of elastic. My favorites are polka dots and animal prints. So posh and trendy. There are different widths of the elastic, too that you may want to use for older girls. The smaller width works best for girls 3 years and younger.

Before you know it, you are going to be a pro.