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A Home Away From Home – The Serviced Apartment Revolution

Let’s face it; moving interstate or to a new country is a hassle, especially when you’re trying to juggle the realities of a new job and a new city.

To start with, there’s that unnerving feeling of not knowing where anything is. Then there’s the absurd difficulty in accessing basic facilities such as the internet, or a supermarket, which can make the first weeks of relocation a complete nightmare. Fortunately, there is now a perfectly civilised solution; a serviced apartment.

Over the past few years, Melbourne’s serviced apartments have surpassed hotels as the most convenient accommodation choice for relocating executives and their families. Unlike a conventional hotel which generally caters for sort stays of one or two nights, serviced apartments have long-term accommodation facilities which are ideal for extended stays of three or six months.

Many serviced apartments in Melbourne have been specifically developed for residential purposes. This means that there’s lots of natural light, and the interiors are set up to create a home-away-from-home atmosphere. What’s more, most serviced apartments have generous alfresco areas which augment the living area and provide a great place for entertaining guests.

Some of Melbourne’s leading serviced apartments also incorporate a range of business technologies and services which effectively transform a serviced apartment into a business communication hub. This is ideal for hosting small business meetings or product display sessions.

Finally, the smaller staff base, and boutique ambiance of serviced apartment accommodation provides corporate travelers with a much needed sense of security. When you’re in a new city it’s important to know that people know you by name, which generally doesn’t happen in a large hotel complex.

Live an Affordable Lifestyle at Apartments in Roseville, CA

Imagine shopping at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills where you can get the latest trends in fashion and then perhaps even see some famous tv and movie stars choose their favorites from the wide selection of clothes. Wouldn’t it be just a dream come true if you can actually live there? The only problem you’d be facing however is the high cost of living in this kind of set-up which you can experience for a lot less if you choose to stay at apartments in Roseville, Ca.

First and foremost, staying at apartments in Roseville, Ca allows you to shop for inexpensive clothes and other necessities. You can head out to department stores and boutiques such as Macy’s Nordstrom, Sears, JC Penney’s found at Westfield Roseville Galleria. There’s also Wal-Mart Supercenter, Target, and Kohl’s which are laid out in different locations within the city. And once you’ve made it in any of these places, you can check out some of the nice things to wear for different purposes and occasions. It can be a funky outfit for a Halloween occasion, a scary costume for Halloween, a swimsuit which you’ll need when going to the beach, or an evening gown for formal events. Roseville, Ca has all the options you can choose from whether it’s about price or style. You only need to choose wisely by buying things that are within your means. You can even mix match the items to create a new look if you’re too conscious about wearing the same clothes for 2 weeks in a row and buy socks, caps, cabinets, and many other things.

Also, you can buy cheap food while staying in Roseville Ca Apartments. Depending on the kind of food you’re craving for, you can easily buy them within the city’s various restaurants, grocery stores and coffee shops which you’ll conveniently find at the Fountains at Roseville directly across from the Galleria Mall. This includes food stores such as Whole Foods, Pizza Kitchen, Boudin SF Boudin Bakery, and Mc Cormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant. And especially very ideal for those of you who are simply too pre-occupied doing household chores and working at the office.

Lastly, you can access free services during your stay at Roseville Ca Apartments. This means the nearest parks and malls where you are staying. You may go to Maidu Park, and Golfland Sunsplash where a lot of people usually go to for romantic picnics and boat riding during summer time under the beautiful sky adorned by millions of stars. It’s a great way for relaxing and for passing the time.

So, why rent expensive apartments at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills when you can choose to stay in affordable apartments in Roseville, Ca and get the same benefits? There are plenty of shops where you can buy your needs for both food and clothes. Plus, you can also enjoy spending some of your time in the city’s parks besides its malls which you’ll get to experience if you stay in Roseville Ca Apartments.