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Quintessential Charm in Chicago’s Bed and Breakfasts

A weary traveler is hard to please. Suddenly, the usual hotel amenities, no matter how elegant, feel bland and soulless. The service seems almost always customary and impersonalized, the greetings mere obligation and each detail following strict imposed standards. It simple doesn’t feel like an abode even if the tagline ‘home away from home’ are strapped on headboards countless of times.

No matter how many vacations one takes and how many elegant rooms one has stayed in, there is still no exchanging personal and special service from people who are truly residents of the area, and not just hired employees. This is what a bed and breakfast inn can bring you in lieu of more expensive hotels. And Chicago has some of the finest paired with the famous Southern Charm.

When you want a taste of the authentic, one should opt to stay in a Chicago Bed and Breakfast. Most hotels are set in trendy neighborhoods with old brick buildings and parks as façade. Choosing one is difficult since there are so many in the area, and each one offering special amenities reminiscent of a hotel but with a more intimate feel in terms of service and atmosphere.

The Wicker Park Inn, for example, is an old 19th century brick building located in one of Chicago’s stylish neighborhoods, Wicker Park, full of quaint hole-in-the-wall vintage shops, boutiques, restaurants, clubs and side walk cafes. The neighborhood is also famous for being an artist’s hub and has several of the most famous art galleries owned by the artists themselves. One of the perks of a bed and breakfast, aside from its ambiance, is the complimentary goodies during morning meals such as pastries, coffee and fruits, which the Wicker Park Inn also provides. It also provides the vacationer free WiFi, a satellite TV and sheets which equal that of a starred hotel with a 300+ thread count. There are several rooms to choose from in Wicker Park Inn which includes the selection of Cape Cod, Provence, Chicago and Tuscan Rooms. It also has three apartments to choose from, Garden, Bucktown and Blue Line Apartment.

If in want for a taste of the old, Old Town Chicago is the place to go. The B&B is rated three-star in its category and is adorned with Art Deco pieces- Barcelona chairs, a Baldwin grand piano, Florence knoll ottomans and other opulent furniture. Located in another uptown neighborhood, Lincoln Park, the bed and breakfast also has the option of having a private space equaling as a guest house or vacation home for those traveling with a large group or those who simply want bigger spaces to stay in. The pantry is always stocked for those who like to take their snacks at their own time. Guests can help themselves to a selection of jam, coffee, cereal, chocolate, yogurts, cookies, popcorns and soups. The icing on the cake though is their rooftop garden which provides an elegant wind-down atmosphere for guests who like to people watch or relax after a day’s tour.

Other well-noted Chicago bed and breakfasts include the Victorian-themed Windy City Urban Inn with mansion rooms and apartments, the Hansen House Mansion, House of Two Urns, Cat’s Cradle, China Doll, City Scene Bed and Breakfast, Old Chicago Inn and the Flemish House.

Chicago Cheap Flights make it possible for guests to have a weekend getaway in the ‘Windy City’ as a couple, alone, or even as a group. Promos and discounts are constantly available online and are updated regularly. If planning a vacation in Chicago, make sure to avail by reserving seats early. The ideal time for reservations is about two months or so before vacationing.

Make sure to bring the proper apparel for a weekend out in the Windy City. Chicago is a wonderful city to have a walking tour, so bring something comfortable for an all-day excursion such as walking shoes, shirts, cotton blouses, a light sweater, a hat and scarf (depending on the month you’re going to be traveling) and lightweight pants. Preparing for the trip as early as possible will save the hassle of unnecessary baggage.

For those planning to have a quiet respite minus the hustle and bustle of a commercial hotel, stay in a bed and breakfast and you’re sure to get your money’s worth in a relaxed Chicago vacation with ample rest, sleep and laidback fun.

Top 10 Things To Do And See On Samui Island – Thailand

In light of its spectacular Andaman waters with their clear water and coral reefs, rich animal and plant life, top-notch resorts and intense party scene, Samui has set itself apart as one of Thailand’s most popular resort destinations. There’s plenty to do in the towns as well as out and about on the water, underwater and in the forest. The monthly Full Moon parties that take place on a neighbouring island are an absolute requirement for all full-throttle partiers. All of this together makes for a first-class holiday in one of Thailand’s most coveted locations.

Temple of the Big Buddha

Wat Phra Yai is Samui’s Temple of the Big Buddha, with its signature 12 metre tall Buddha statue. Built in 1972, this iconic temple sits on a little island that is connected to the main island by a bridge. The temple grounds also house a centre for meditation, another draw for inspired visitors. When visiting any temple in Thailand, it’s important to follow the standard rules of dress and etiquette which includes wearing long pants, sleeves and removing your shoes before entering the actual temple.


The beaches of Samui are its greatest attraction, and each one is known for its own specific qualities. Ao Tong Takian is also called Silver Beach due to the glimmer of its sand and shimmering water; Lamai Beach is a popular family destination in light of the abundant water sports and activities; Choeng Mon offers higher-class accommodation in a remote setting and Chaweng Beach rallies as the most popular among tourists, with its peripheral of exciting activities like Muay Thai boxing and bungee jumping.

Eating out

Nothing beats an evening at a beachside restaurant where you can enjoy a laid-back dinner right at the water’s edge. Samui’s fresh seafood makes way for all kinds of top-notch cuisine–be it gourmet Thai food or international fare. More authentic and highly affordable Thai food can be hunted out on the streets from local vendors, and in the opinion of the locals, the spicier the better.

Partying and nightlife

The tourism industry has paved the way for a varied nightlife that spans all the major developed districts. Clubs can be found at Lamai Beach, with tourist-grabbing exhibitions and shows to hold your interest. This is also the seedier side of the island with its fair share of go-go bars and the periphery of business that comes along with it. Live bands and slightly more upscale bars and clubs can be found at Chaweng Beach. A more laidback scene is on Big Buddha Beach with western-style ambiance and expatriate-owned establishments.

Full Moon parties

Even if they haven’t attended one, almost every visitor to Samui will hear about the notorious Full Moon parties held once a month on neighbouring Pha Ngan Island. Locals taxi boatloads of partygoers out to this island in preparation for the heart-pounding party that rage all night in honour of the full moon. There’s a variety of music playing, and peddlers take advantage of their corner on the market by selling all sorts of souvenirs, food and other ingestibles at exorbitant prices. The popularity of this monthly party has led to the addition of further weekend parties to mark less memorable phases of the lunar cycle.


There are several waterfalls on Samui that many tourists choose to visit. Na Muang Fall 1 flows over a very tall cliff and spills into a rocky pool; while it isn’t great for swimming, it makes for wonderful scenery. Its counter, Na Muang Fall 2, is located nearby and is easily accessed by groups of elephant riders and trekkers. Another option is to head to Hin Lat Fall, which is a great place to enjoy a cool, freshwater plunge for a change of pace from swimming in the ocean.


Koh Samui is a world-class diving destination and the fabulous offshore coral reefs pose a great opportunity for all skill levels. Beginners can enrol in accredited training courses at many dive shops in Bo Phut, Chaweng and Lamai. More skilled divers prefer diving at Sail Rock or Ang Thong National Marine Park, an impressive 40-island archipelago that boasts a pristine natural environment. The ultimate diving destination in Thailand, Koh Tao isn’t too far away either.

Daytrip south

If you’re looking for an escape from the hectic tourism scene, head to the south side of Samui where groves of coconut trees and quiet Muslim fishing towns have staved off the development that has come upon the rest of the island. It’s possible to find a secluded beach to while away some hours, and there are also some unique temples and chedis to investigate.

Adventure sports

Adventure sports are an everyday pastime on Samui. The whole family will appreciate elephant rides in a jungle setting, and multiple agencies can arrange tours. Closer to town, kids will enjoy spending some time at the go-kart track. Samui Shooting Range is located in Chawang, as is the bungee jumping pavilion. The latter sits off the beach road near the Reggae Bar.

Viewing wildlife

The display of wildlife at Samui ranges from insects and butterflies at the Butterfly Farm to the raging buffalo fights scheduled at local stadiums. There is a snake farm, crocodile farm and an aquarium all on the main island. The nearby Ang Thong National Marine Park has wild gibbons living in lush, jungle surroundings amid quiet lagoons and limestone cliffs.

The Nirvana Apartments – The Best in Gold Coast Luxury Apartments

What can surpass the luxury and opulence of living at the beach front luxury apartment in Gold Coast? Owning and living at a beach front apartment is a dream for most of us, however only few achieve it. To bring our dreams one step closer to realisation, The Niecon Developers bring to you the beach front Kirra apartments in Gold Coast.

These luxury apartments are the pinnacle of perfect designing and the art of creating a perfect equilibrium between modern living and nature’s bounty. These Gold Coast Luxury apartments has commanding beach frontage that makes them a perfect merger of its contemporary architecture and beautiful natural beaches. These apartments are very aptly named ‘The Nirvana Apartments’.

Lavish Interiors:

If interested, you can have a closer look at these luxury beach apartments through the display apartments. Come and witness the magic the sun rays and the soothing colour palette of the apartments’ interiors conjures. The apartments have impressive floor to ceiling glass windows, natural finished timber carpentry work, marble and natural stone floor finished to dazzle and reflect the surrounding hues. The interiors of these flats make you immerse yourself in ultimate opulence and extravaganza.

Luxury Features:

Apart from the utmost comfort and luxury of these apartments and the front side beach, you can enjoy a hell lot of lavish features when you purchase one of the Luxury apartments for sale.

When you become the proud owner of one of this luxury beach apartment, you can enjoy exclusive access to your very own executive resident’s lounge complete with temperate wine cellars and lockers and a private in house cinema where you can enjoy private screenings of your favourite movies with your friends and family.

You can immerse your body and soul in the beauty of the Zen garden, in house spa, steam room and salon or enjoy working out at the Fitness Centre. Enjoy your lazy holidays with your near and dear ones at the Teppanyaki BBQ areas. Enjoy your leisure time at the café and the boutique gallery retail, which you can call your own!

The apartments also provide 24/7 security and on-site management to provide you utmost peace of mind in this beautiful and serene location.

The Retail Scene:

To create a new central hub for the boutique village of Kirra, the Nirvana’s retailers will come up with a diverse mix of savvy cafes, quaint shops and world class restaurants, where the residents can meet friends and family over coffee first thing in the morning or enjoy a cosy meal while sipping superior quality wine. You can enjoy, relax and shop till you drop!

So rush and book your very own luxury beach side apartment before someone else does!