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The Charm Of Punta Del Este Boutique Hotels

Punta del Este boutique hotels offer a charm and service that is worlds apart from other boutique hotels around the world. They are distinguished by offering a personalized environment and theme that can add to the overall enjoyment of your vacation. Before you make a booking, it is worth finding out a little more about this still relatively unknown corner of South America.

Punta del Este’s boutique hotels attract visitors from all walks of life, you can spot Armani attired millionaires alongside lean bodied surfing fanatics. This small strip of land that separates Rio de la Plata from the Atlantic Ocean has an undeniably magnetic charm.

Not so long ago, the area was a simple fishing village. Fishing boats still ply the beautiful coastline, but now the streets abound with fashionable cafes, late night bars, and retail stores that would not be out of place in Milan or New York. In it no surprise that many visitors describe the town as being Uruguay’s answer to St Tropez.

There are endless opportunities for fun and excitement. You can plan a trip to a number of world-class casinos in which you can win or lose your hard-earned money, or hang out nightclubs featuring internationally renowned DJs who play until dawn, and relax on one of the many stunning beaches.

If you love water-sports, you will not be disappointed by the activities on offer. Your hotel can arrange sailing, boating, and windsurfing if you are so inclined. For the less adventurous there are plenty of walks, hikes, and also the opportunity to play a few rounds of golf.

If you are planning to stay in one of the Punta del Este’s boutique hotels during the Christmas and New Year vacation, be warned that advanced bookings are essential. To avoid the crowds, plan your trip for March or April.

Turks and Caicos Holidays: Animating With Beautiful Beaches

Breathe in the virgin ambience of beaches accompanying huge palm trees decorated to create a beautiful landscape. White sand stretched across dozens shades of turquoise water creating awe-inspiring contrast.” Willing truly to indulge in same fervor? Then suffice your screaming senses with a break on Turks and Caicos holidays. Indeed these Caribbean gems are for lifetime luxury vacations. Countless isolated islands letting you view sensuous surroundings and fantastic view contributed by the several species of flora and fauna, summing meaning of luxury beach vacations.

Wake up with a swim; this luxury beach vacations lend visitors to try Snorkeling and Scuba diving in crystal water. Apart from diving in one of the world’s best spots, visitors are lured by the charm of windsurfing, sailing and kite-boarding fulfilling the reason for luxury beach holidays. And here comes the vital part of any outing – Accommodation. Turks & Caicos holidays can be laced with world class amenities with the presence of several luxury boutique hotels suiting travelers’ tastes.

Revive yourself on luxury tailor made holidays with the following accommodations:

Amanyara is located near to Malcolm’s beach and at the edge of Caribbean Sea. Its existence on the peaceful place, away from the buzzing life makes it highly desirable for ideal Turks & Caicos holidays. The rooms of the Amanyara have excellent interiors with the sliding glass doors leading to room entrance with spacious bath room. Rooms are attached with twin terraces; one to dine-in the beautiful setting, while other let the visitor feel the comfort in peaceful surroundings on the cushions. This luxury boutique hotel is must for embracing pleasure on outing.

The Veranda
Couples and families can relish the beauty of world renowned Grace Bay Beach while sitting in beachfront cottages of the Veranda resort. Pair your luxury tailor made holidays and traditions of Caribbean Island in magnificently designed 168 beautifully designed studios and bedroom accommodations. The rooms offering mesmerizing views of ocean and garden and beachfront restaurant is located to suffice both your appetite and senses. Luxury beach vacations at Veranda let you gather tranquility at Sabai Spa.

Grace Bay Club
Luxury vacations let the visitors on 11 acres stretched beachfront Grace Bay club hotel having spacious 38 suites designated at five-storey buildings equipped with all the pleasures. There are ocean facing junior suites and family friendly villas. Scintillating longest Caribbean Bar – The Infiniti, expanding till the shores of Grace Bay offers guests tapas and cocktails.

Parrot Cay
Parrot Cay is a hideaway in 100 acres sprawling paradise in corner of Turks and Caicos. Rejuvenation and Pleasure can be sought from beach houses and Villas. Delight your taste buds and health with nutritive organic meals and Caribbean inspired dishes at poolside Lotus restaurant. 40 minutes boat ride from Providenciales Airport will make you reach this luxury boutique holiday.