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Kota Kinabalu Boutique Backpacker

Velvet Lodge Kota Kinabalu

Ultra hip and modern, Velvet Lodge is Kota Kinabalu’s newest boutique backpacker accommodation. A market leader in comfortability, convenience and award winning design…Velvet Lodge is clearly in a league of its own.

Velvet Lodge is conveniently located within KK’s city center – truly your home away from home with everything you may ever need within easy reach. Velvet Lodge boasts 5 exclusive dormitory rooms in total (2 air conditioned, 3 fan operated) with a capacity of 4 guests per room. Every care has been taken to ensure the lodge offers everything guests could need to compliment their stay in Kota Kinabalu. Each of the 5 guest rooms are furnished with orthopedic spring mattresses with 100% super soft cotton linen, ultra cool cement screeded floors and striking purple sandblasted feature walls.

Guest facilities include cozy guest lounge, complimentary wireless Internet (WiFi), continental breakfast and spacious common bathrooms that are also tastefully designed. In addition, guests may opt to dine at Velvet Lounge which is oh so conveniently located on the 1st floor. Whether it be for a scrumptious meal, to kick back and relax or a party experience like none other… Velvet Lounge is guaranteed to surpass all expectation.

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Velvet Lounge

Velvet Lounge is Bandaran Berjaya’s resident entertainment joint. Covering an area of 2300 square feet, this intimate sized venue is set apart by its design – a love letter to hubby and wife owners’ eclectic Australian-SE Asian background. Cozy and personal, adorned with trendy designer wicker furnishings, latest cocktails and celeb-chef styled foods to tease the palate…Velvet Lounge draws its crowd like moths to a flame.

Open 7 days a week, Velvet Lounge is the place to kick-back and draw in the sights and sounds of an evolving metropolis. Its interior of understated elegance speak volumes – super soft velvet cushions on wicker sofa frames, delicately hand-laid sandstone on bar counters and signature walls, thus expressing the power of nature and exuding class – perfect for all the moods in between.

Taste calibrating spot…a sanctuary from the typical…Velvet Lounge – a rite-of-passage to a more evolved party experience.

Your Quick and Easy Guide to the Top Must-See Sights of Phuket,Thailand

The island of Phuket is filled with various attractions, that it could be a daunting task to choose from. So, here’s a Phuket travel guide depicting the top five must-see destinations in this city.

The Big Buddha

The Big Buddha or Phra Puttamingmongkol Akenakkiri Buddha of Phuket is located at Chalong Bay and sits atop one of the highest points on the island. It can be seen from most places in South Phuket. The statue itself sits at 45 meters high. It was constructed using approximately 135 tons of Burmese white marble, which shines in the sun, making it a natural symbol of hope. The lofty site offers the best 360-degree views of the island and travelers may enjoy sweeping vistas of Phuket Town, Kata and Karon beaches, as well as Chalong Bay.

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong Temple in Chalong Bay is the largest and most important temple in Phuket Island. It is also the most visited, as many locals and Thai tourists come to pray and pay respects to several revered monks who were the founders of Wat Chalong. The Grand Pagoda is said to contain a bone splinter from the Lord Buddha himself. The walls of the pagoda are adorned with murals depicting the story of the Buddha’s life.

Phuket Town Night Market

If you are a shopper, but want to get out of the overpriced shopping centers, you must visit the Night Market in Phuket Town. There are many vendors here selling their own unique collection of wares. Shoppers can expect to find a variety items that make for perfect souvenirs and gifts. As with most night markets, haggling is common and expected. So, don’t be shy to negotiate for a bargain price.

Phang Nga Bay

This scenic bay is located off the mainland peninsula of southern Thailand. It is famous, not only for its distinctive islands and cliffs, but also because it appeared on two James Bond films, “The Man with the Golden Gun” in 1974, and “Tomorrow Never Dies” in 1997. Known for its majestic limestone rock formations, most visitors explore the area on a one-day tour via kayaking, but some larger islands have accommodation available in nearby Thailand resorts.

Bangla Road (Soi Bangla)

This road located at Patong Beach is what made the beach famous. Soi Bangla is a colorful spectacle that must be seen in person, as no words can adequately capture its energy. Lining both sides of the main road are numerous bars and clubs. There is several side roads called Soi, which leads to more entertainment complexes.

Apart from bars and clubs, the popular Patong Beach also boasts a growing number of boutiques, resorts, and hotels including the romantic Patong Paragon Resort and Spa. Among the destinations in this Phuket travel guide, Patong lets travelers get the best of both worlds, with its unspoiled beaches, superb restaurants, and thriving nightlife.

Buy a Luxury Apartment in Broadbeach

It is believed that gold coast is a premier destination for holiday makers and for people who are looking to investment in holiday apartments. Broadbeach has few of the most fabulous luxury apartments for sale. The investors find an unrivaled selection of Broadbeach luxury apartments for sale with choices to suit all tastes and budgets. Market experts are of the opinion that the Broadbeach property are in high demand with home buyers, tourists and investors. The popularity of Broadbeach among the people of Australia as well as among the tourists has ensured the demand for new residential developments. Since 2005, it is found that new high rise developments have changed the entire look and feel of Broadbeach. The area has become ultra modern with all the latest amenities available.

The opportunities to buy Broadbeach’s luxury apartments have also seen a rise in the recent times. Buying of luxury apartments for sale in Broadbeach has become one of the most desirable options in acquiring real estate. So, are you planning to buy an apartment in Broadbeach? The luxury apartments for sale in Broadbeach promises to exceed all your expectations of a premium living destination. There is a vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere, tantalising all fresco restaurants, cafes and lots of boutique retail shops to discover which will make you crave for more. There’s also plenty of natural scenery to enjoy. There is the sparkling Pacific Ocean, clean patrolled beaches and expansive beachfront parklands. Broadbeach is also complimented by some famous casinos like Jupiter casino and Gold coast convention and exhibition centers. Tourists describe Broadbeach as a unique place. Also, this place has got a distinctive culture which is almost perfect. It is guaranteed that if you buy the luxury apartments for sale here, the Broadbeach culture is accommodating enough to satisfy all your needs.

Features of a luxury apartment-

- These apartments have giant living areas, spotless, modern aesthetics, and gorgeous looks.

- You will most likely have a beautiful view from your apartment.

- The walls won’t tell you of every leap your neighbor takes.

- You will get maximum apartment value inside your apartment complex. It is likely that you will have an on site workout facility, a big pool, spa and maybe even a cabana or two.

- Depending upon how much you pay, it is quite possible that you get a concierge or valet parking.

If you still haven’t decided if you want to buy a luxury apartment in Broadbeach or not let us assure you that it is considered the best place to be on Gold Coast. There are a number of activities and events that keep on happening on Broadbeach at any given time. You can lie back and get a tan or take a few surfing lessons from the seasoned pros that have come to call Broadbeach their home. So, grab the opportunity right now and buy a luxury apartment in Broadbeach, it is guaranteed that you won’t regret your decision.