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A New And Upcoming Direct Selling Company

The company known as Stella & Dot is a Multi-layer Marketing or Network Marketing company based in San Francisco, CA in the USA. It is one of the fastest growing Inc. 500 companies in the US and is mainly a social selling company. It works on a direct selling format where entrepreneurs get recruited via a group and then they get a chance to buy some exciting boutique jewelry. This company provides exciting opportunities for women to put their enterprising opportunities to work, sell some lovely products and make money in the process.

While the company was founded in San Francisco, CA and is headquartered there, it has branches across the world and continues to provide opportunities to women around the world. The firm deals basically in boutique jewelry and clothing accessories that are sold to other members of the group. Only members attending a home trunk event can purchase these products. The host will usually invite members of her group, friends, family or colleagues so they may purchase the accessories or jewelry items they like. This has proven to be a successful business model and has worked well in the USA, across Europe and elsewhere around the world. It is no wonder Stella & Dot has been ranked as among the most successful multi-layer marketing companies in the USA.

These multi-layer marketing companies have managed to set up and work on a successful marketing model. Basically, the company will recruit marketers who will in turn build teams. These teams will have marketers at different levels depending on how many marketing recruits a person has under them. There is no wholesale or retail trading across stores but marketers will try to sell to their friends, relatives, colleagues and even families. This has proven to be a successful model that is able to defy tough economic times.

For a couple of months now, there have been reports in the media and elsewhere regarding Stella & Dot Scam. Such reports are unfounded, untrue and without a basis. Normally, any successful business or business model will always face hostility with false stories and innuendos spreading around. This is basically what happened in regards to Stella & Dot. While some people claimed it was a scam and have tried to convince others of the same, the truth is that Stella & Dot is a genuine business which has been around for a long time and provides an income and job to many women entrepreneurs across the world.

As an example of how these events take place, a member gets to invite a group of women to her apartment one Saturday evening. They await a direct sales event that includes purchase of items such as necklaces, iPad cases and other forms of accessories. The host of the event received abut $500 worth of free jewelry and about $1500 in orders. There was a marketing specialist from the company who in return earned about 20 — 30 percent of the proceeds of the nightly meeting. This is just an example to show how successful the marketing model of Stella & Dot is. It is definitely not a Stella & Dot Scam.

Top 5 Reasons to Lease an Apartment in the Woodlands Texas

Deciding the best location to live is vital to happy living. It is important to research the area of interest about crime rates, schools, job opportunities, amenities and convenience. For these reasons, many people have chosen the Woodlands as their place of abode. There are at least five great reasons why people prefer to live in The Woodlands.

1. Low Crime Rates

-The Woodlands has one of the lowest crime rate in Houston and its surrounding areas. According to the 2009 crime index, when compared to the rest of Texas, the Woodlands contributes to less than ½ of the crimes committed.

2. Many activities to choose from

-If you love outdoor concerts then this is the place for you. The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion is just minutes away. Want to get away from the city? Then you have come to the right place. The Woodlands also offer many outdoor activities that you can choose from whether it is canoeing, kayaking, golfing, hiking, biking, etc…. the choices are endless.

3. Awesome schools -The Woodlands offers many exemplary and recognized schools. Many families have chosen to move to the Woodlands because of the recognition the district has received. To check the rank of your school, please visit

4. Array of job opportunities

-The Woodlands offer great economic growth that has contributed to an increase in job opportunities. The economic decrease in today’s society has little affect in the Woodlands. The Woodlands continues to grow as more stores and business are built which in turn offers more job opportunities.

5. Shops

-Woodlands Mall is conveniently located right off of I-45. It offers a variety of specialty stores and boutiques to do all of your shopping. There are also an array of restaurants strategically located throughout the Woodlands that offers fine dining and cuisine.

What more could you ask for? The Woodlands offers it all. Move today.

Boutique Hotels in London Are Viable Options

The boutique hotels are a class apart and offer a different and exclusive range of services. You should not overlook the boutique hotels as an option, as they are a tempting choice for the discerning travellers. There are numerous boutique hotels in the vibrating city of London. A few of the best boutique London’s hotels are given below.

The K West Hotel and Spa is situated in a prime location near the Harrods and the Natural History Museum. Those who are staying there can enjoy the food offered in the Kanteen Restaurant as their taste buds would certainly enjoy it. The lounge is a place to relax with a soothing ambiance. The beds in the hotel rooms are deep and comfortable that you won’t feel like leaving them. You can even rejuvenate yourself with a reiki treatment or with a massage in the spa located in the hotel. It is really an exceptional hotel meant for tourists who are in London to relax and enjoy themselves.

Those who are in London for a holiday and want to be pampered can choose to stay in one of the boutiques London’s hotels like the San Domenico House Hotel in Chelsea. It provides for personalized service that would make your business or pleasure trip really memorable. The hotel rooms are individually themed and the guests would certainly enjoy staying in any of them. The rooms have original artifacts from the 18th century, and the marble bathrooms are a pleasure to have a bath in with heated towel racks. You would feel pampered if you are staying in this hotel.

The Hazlitts situated at Soho is also a luxury boutique hotel that has genuine antique articles for decoration. The hospitality of the hotel is warm. The rooms are luxuriously fitted. Located in the prime location near Bond Street, Covent Garden and Piccadilly very close to it, Hazlitts is a perfect place to stay.

There are many boutique hotels in London and one such hotel is the Bingham Hotel located in the Richmond. It is an enchanting London boutique hotel set on the banks of River Thames. The modern elegance and style of the hotel are based on the vintage Georgian architecture. You can enjoy sensuous contentment in the lavish whirlpool bath and relax in the serenity of the hotel rooms. You can also savour your meals while having a view of the Thames River in the Bingham Restaurant and bar.

The international tourists have become very demanding and discerning. They want value for money, and this value can be obtained from the boutique hotels. The boutique hotels provide not only luxurious lodgings, but also other facilities and services to make you feel at home. The staffs offer a cordial welcome and treat you like a family member. You can stay in these luxury hotels with all your needs attended to. In this huge city, a little pampering comes at the right moment, and if you are planning to make a visit to London, choosing one of the London’s boutique hotels will make your trip a memorable one.