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Discover The Past – Present And Future In Dubai

If you’re seriously interested in knowing about Dubai, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about Dubai.

The rich culture of the desert city of Dubai draws on its ancient Arabian heritage, vast modern technology and cosmopolitan luxuries. For centuries a land devoted mainly to herding and trade, Dubai was rocketed into modern times by the discovery of oil just off of its coast in 1966. Enormous riches funded by oil production have produced a native population which, in the main, is well educated, healthy, highly paid and liberal minded. Tourism is actively courted in Dubai, particularly in the impressive Palm Islands development.

Touted as the eighth world wonder, Palm Island is a an incredible tribute to engineering, design, and absolute opulence. Palm Island – Deira is the largest of the three Palm Islands. A unique man-made phenomenon, the Palm Islands can be seen from space by the naked eye. A trunk, a 41- frond crown, and a water- breaking crescent island form Palm Island – Deira. Nearly eight thousand villas and apartment homes, private and public beaches, shopping, recreation and sports facilities are included in the plans for this incredible development. Fantastic resorts and attractions are also available for those looking for the ultimate upscale vacation experience.

Sport is a huge part of the culture of Dubai, and is reflected in the many entertainment options open to visitors of the city. Polo fields and golf courses abound. The richest horse racing event in the world, The Dubai World Cup, is run on a Dubai track and attracts visitors from around the world. Water sports from the most adventurous to the most tranquil are available in the warm waters off of Dubai’s white sand beaches. Viewing some of the region’s more traditional sporting events such as camel racing, dhow sailing and falconry should also not be missed.

Sophistication is one of the hallmarks of the Dubai – and larger United Arab Emerates – culture. World- class cosmopolitan restaurants sit next to local establishments serving the best in local cuisine and fresh juices. Indian, Lebanese, and Thai flavors are often featured in the most popular restaurants. Many of Dubai’s best restaurants are inside of, or within easy walking distance of, the city’s hotels, which are allowed to serve alcohol despite the city’s Islamic roots. Prices range from very affordable to astronomically high, depending on one’s tastes, and menus and service are most often available in English as well as the native Arabic.

So far, we’ve uncovered some interesting facts about Dubai. You may decide that the following information is even more interesting.

Shopping in Dubai is amongst the best in the world, with designer boutiques offering the most exclusive fashions and products to savvy shoppers. Jewelery, vehicles, electronics, d├ęcor items and sports equipment are also common purchases, often offered at low prices. There are no local taxes on purchases, and for those skillful at bartering, the souks (markets) offer vast opportunities for bargains on indigenous goods. Must-see sightseeing sites in Dubai include the Gold Souk, the Deira Covered Souk, the Spice Souk, the Palm Island development, Al Boom Tourist Village, Bedouin Village, the Dubai World Trade Centre, and the Jumeirah Mosque. Archaeological enthusiasts will enjoy the Al Ghusals, Al Sufooh and Jumeirah excavation sites featuring graveyards and artifacts more than 1,000 years old.

Dubai’s ultra- contemporary architecture, panoramic ocean vistas, beautiful beaches, and historical sites are all fetching subjects for photography buffs, but it is wise to refrain from taking photos of government facilities, sea- and air ports, and military installations. Permission should also be asked and granted before photographing the local population, particularly Muslim women, who may be offended at having their photo taken.

Highly accessible to international traffic, Dubai is served by 90 airlines. Major European centers such as London are only seven hours away by plane with regular in- and out- going flights.

Arabic is the official language of Dubai, but written and spoken English is heavily used in the business and commercial sectors as well as in the tourism and entertainment industries. Dubai is a progressive Islamic country. Respect for local customs and religious traditions is expected and appreciated, but not to the extremes of some Islamic- ruled areas. In return, the Dubai people offer tolerance for differing lifestyles. Women are not discriminated against and may travel freely unescorted. Western visitors are able to dress as they like, however modesty in clothing is recommended. Limit very short, tight, or revealing items of clothing. The local population has adopted some styles of western dress, but it is most common to see men wearing the traditional white dishdasha or khandura robe and gutra (headdress), and women wearing modest black abaya robes and a head scarf over their regular clothing. These styles of dress suit the religious requirements of the Islamic population and offer protection from the hot desert sun.

Dubai’s weather is picture perfect for most of the year, combining the best features of a sub-tropical, arid climate. Rain is very infrequent, falling an average of only five days each year (mostly during the winter season), but the temperature can vary by nearly 40 degrees Celsius between 10 degrees and 48 degrees Celsius.

Demand for property in Dubai has surged in recent years, driven by a burgeoning population of nearly four million people and the recent ability of foreigners to hold real- estate. Dubai’s safe lifestyle, positive tourism investment potential, favorable tax rates and perceived high property value have all contributed to the current interest in buying property in the city. In addition to the variety of hotels, resorts and other standard tourist accommodation options, private accommodations from apartments to luxury villas located on secluded beaches are available for sale and rent in Dubai.

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Enjoy The Traditional Events At The Luxury Boutique Accommodation

The availability of luxury boutique accommodation would not be a problem for you. However, you must always check out the traditional events that are occasionally celebrated at different times of the year

Are you planning to visit London? Well, in that case there are large numbers of things to do and events to participate in, so that you can expect to get the best facilities and conveniences. There are several events that are celebrated in London throughout the year, and therefore, you would never be at any loss when you are here. In addition to that, accommodation would also never be a problem when you are here. In fact, you can get luxury boutique accommodation in accordance with your budget and your requirements. The best thing about London is that irrespective of the time of your visit, you would be able to enjoy some of the best events.

Apart from the newly entertaining events that are celebrated in London, you can also expect to participate in the traditional events, as well. In fact, irrespective of the venue and location of your hotel, you can witness and participate in the festival of different traditional events. Since London is a historical city, you would be able to get imbibed in the deep-rooted culture and tradition of London. You would be able to get access to these events at any time of the day, when you go for it.

For instance, the change of guards is a traditional and historical event that you can expect to get in London. Even from your luxury boutique accommodation, you would be able to get access to these traditional events in the Royal Palace, and also in Buckingham Palace. In fact, this is something that you must not miss at any cost, because this would be an unforgettable experience in your life. When you see the guards in their traditional uniforms, you would just love it and this would remain alive in your memory throughout your life.

Another important traditional event that you can expect to find here includes the ceremony of the keys. This ceremony has been taking place for more than 700 years, and takes place for about 10 minutes. This is a very popular ceremony that is celebrated in London, and you can get access to free tickets for witnessing this famous ceremony. However, due to the limitation in availability, you can apply to the resident governor in advance. Consequently, it would be easy for you to watch this traditional festival. There are other important festivals in London that have been celebrated since a long time.

Ranging from the trooping of the color to the show of Lord Mayor, to even the gun salute at the birthday of the queen, there are indeed wide varieties of traditional festivals that you can participate in. The luxury boutique accommodation would thus serve the dual purpose of offering you the convenient facility of comfort, while at the same time you would also get access to these traditional events that are celebrated in London at different times of the year. Therefore, it is a good idea on your part to carry out thorough research and book the hotel well in advance.

Staying in Scotland’s Second City – From Top Hotels to Glasgow Apartments

As the most populous city in Scotland and the 3rd most populous in the UK, Glasgow is a thriving metropolis which attracted nearly 3 million trips last year – almost double the number recorded in 1995, according to Glasgow City Council. The city boasts a wide range of attractions including world class museums, art galleries and inspiring architecture. But if you’re planning a trip to this friendly, vibrant city, what kind of accommodation can you expect to find?

The answer really depends on your budget – or who’s paying! Places to stay can range from luxurious 5 star hotels to more affordable Glasgow apartments, to shoe-string hostels. Examples of all of these can be found in good locations across the city centre.

For those fortunate enough to afford an extra special treat, a five-star hotel such as the Blythswood Square, located conveniently near Charing Cross Station is sure to tick all the boxes. Another luxurious option might be one of the two Hiltons, or perhaps the exclusive boutique hotel – Hotel du Vin in One Devonshire Place.

Visitors who are seeking something a little more modest also have a superb range to choose from, be it a mid-range hotel chain such Premier Inns, Holiday Inns or Travelodge or a more unique hotel in the centre of Glasgow. Apartments of all kinds can also be rented for various lengths of time, such as those offered by Principal Apartments, The Spires or Arc Corporate Housing. As you would expect, all of these offer good value and are particularly suited to business users looking for somewhere central with good facilities.

And for those looking to economise further there is also a wonderful range of extra-affordable accommodation in Glasgow. Apartments, or tenement-style buildings, have in some instances been converted to bed and breakfast accommodation or hostels. These might be a little draughty with their high Victorian ceilings, but they can place you close to the buzzing city centre – sometimes for as little as 15 pounds a night if we’re talking hostels.

Once you’ve settled in to your chosen accommodation, Glasgow has a great deal to enjoy. Even if you’re on a fleeting business trip, it’s worth finding time to explore the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, or the impressive buildings of Glasgow University. If you have extra time, the St Enoch Centre and Sauchiehall Street offer superb shopping opportunities. It’s also worth squeezing in a walk along the Clyde, where so many famous liners and warships have been constructed. One of the Royal Navy’s newest ships can also be seen half-built towards the west end of the city.

For those lucky enough to have extra time, you might want to discover the famous Glasgow School of Art designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh (located on Sauchiehall Street). Those in need of a little peace and quiet can enjoy one of the city’s 90-plus parks and formal gardens, one of the most impressive of which is pretty Kelvingrove Park.

Whatever your reason for visiting Glasgow, it’s definitely worth planning which places you want to see as well as booking suitable, well-located accommodation, whether you go for the extra comfort of a plush hotel, the privacy of Glasgow apartments – or a modest bunk-bed in the west-end.