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Explore New York – Shopping, Dining and Monuments

New York, one of the most amazing, fascinating and exciting cities in the world, features the world’s best collection of museums, shops and restaurants. The 20 square miles of Manhattan features a unique culture and it’s made a name as a place where all the big arty fads begin.

The spectacular skyline of the city is well known all over the world. The skyline comprises of some of the most famous buildings, which are well worth exploring, including the Empire State Building, the art deco sky scraper and famous New York landmark, and the Statue of Liberty, an iconic symbol of freedom and independence in America and famous historical and cultural monument. Other must sees in the city include the United Nations Building, Times Square and the Immigration Museum at Ellis Island.

Wander through and explore the city’s different neighborhoods; Chinatown, Theatre District, Greenwich Village, Harlem and Little Italy, each offering a unique atmosphere but very much American. The neighboring boroughs of Brooklyn also boast several attractions such as the 52 acre Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and the famous amusement park as Coney Island.

Another joy of the mix of ethnicities and culture brings is the different cuisine and music. The city’s cultural diversity offers a range of restaurants serving different ethnic cuisine. The borough of Queens is popular amongst visitors to New York for the amazing selection on foreign restaurants scattered through the area.

New York also offers the most incredible shopping experience ever! With world class department stores, such as Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman, designer boutiques on Fifth Avenue, street markets and even specialty stores, New York features the whole spectrum of shopping.

This city is also home to greatest collection of museums in the world, most of which are easily accessible as they are located on the Museum Mile along the edge of the Central Park. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, colloquially known as the Met, features a permanent collection exceeding two million exhibits. This permanent collection ranges from classical antiquity, Ancient Egypt, the very best of the European Masters and Modern American Art. The Met is also home to one of world’s largest galleries.

With so many pleasures awaiting you, for the best New York experience a visit to this wonderful city should essentially be based around Manhattan. Manhattan boasts a range of accommodation options – a choice of star class luxury hotels to boutique hotels to budget hotels to self serving apartments. For the best lodging options and deals check with your travel agent or simply do your research online. Most online travel option providers feature the best seasonal rates and package deals on New York Hotels. For lodging close to all the New York attractions try the Marmara Manhattan Hotel New York. Providing easy access to restaurants, shopping malls and museums, the hotel’s influential neighbors are the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, Central Park and the Columbia University. The hotel location also provides easy access to public transport and it boasts all modern facilities and well equipped comfortable rooms, making it the ideal option for those wanting to explore shopping, dining and monuments in New York.

Tips On Opening A Boutique

Do you have a passion for clothes? Are you considering running a boutique of your own? If you are, then it is important for you to take into account some of the factors that can help you open and run a boutique successfully.

One of the most important things to consider is that no matter what you choose to sell, you must be able to offer quality products to your customers. Apart from offering quality products, your products must be reasonably priced and your customers should feel that the product is worth the money they are spending.

Secondly, marketing campaign that is effective is also essential for opening and running a successful boutique. Before you jump into opening a boutique, you must plan your advertising and you must also ensure that the planning suits the requirements of the market you are targeting.

Thirdly, you must be able to offer excellent customer service because these days, customers choose to shop at friendly boutiques. One great way in which you can ensure that your customers receive excellent service is by getting your staff trained. You must select your staff carefully and train them so your customers receive an excellent level of service.

It would be a good idea if you hire an accountant for professional account maintenance. This way, you will easily be able to avoid financial pitfalls and also understand how your money is being utilized. It is also very important to have an estimation of all the expenses that may take place in the future. When running a boutique, you will need money for a number of reasons. There will be additional expenses taking place apart from purchasing merchandise. For this reason, it is important that you are prepared for all the unexpected and unusual expenses that may take place while running the boutique.

When people run boutiques, they need to make sure that they have an eye for detail and that they are able to implement the policies which are required. As an owner, you must also be able to keep a daily sales record and handle the cash flow.

There are times when certain products are more in demand then the others and there are also times when the market demand increases. For this reason, it is essential that you are prepared for those seasons and stock up on merchandise which will be greatly in demand.

For example, if you are running a saree boutique, you must be able to stock your boutique with sarees when the Diwali month is near. Festivals such as Diwali mean more customers and more sales.