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Finding an Amazing Boutique Marrakech Accommodation

When in Morocco, travelers could not help but marvel at the sights and sounds that Marrakech has to offer. This city is a must see and I really think your Moroccan experience would not be complete without immersing yourself in the local culture and the friendliest people this side of the planet. For this, you need to be at the right place if you want to get as close to the action as you could.

Finding a Marrakech accommodation is not that big of a problem. There are a huge selection of boutique hotels, riads, and luxury accommodations that you could choose from. Riad El Fenn is considered to be one of the best in Marrakech. El Fenn means art in Arabic which in slang, also translates to “hip”. This riad boasts of artistic elegance and it is easy to see how this place is considered as one of the finest in Marrakech accommodation. The design and renovation was done by Fredric Scholl who is also the owner’s business partner. The best room has a rooftop pool at the top of its red winding staircase which is an added bonus and also has a dipping pool that has a view of the room below.

La Villa des Orangers is also a favorite and is where you would witness Moroccan craftsmanship at its best. The interiors of this palace are full of gorgeous transparent fabrics with sofas and pillowcases embroidered with gold thread. You just know you are in for a pleasurable stay the moment you set foot on this luxurious accommodation. The restaurant of this Marrakech boutique hotel takes pride in its excellent array of French, Mediterranean and Moroccan influenced specialties and is the only Marrakech accommodation I know of that has its own cigar cellar and a bar that is open all day long so you could sample their mint tea and sweetmeats at your convenience.

Riad Mehdi is also on my list of the best Marrakech boutique hotels. This accommodation is famous for its own hammam, Les Bains de Marrakech. I find the standard rooms of this boutique hotel a little small though. For me their Suites is what sets them apart from many other Marrakech accommodations. It is quite spacious, has its own terrace with a great view of the city, a sunken bath tub, and some even had a charming four-poster bed. This is a very good choice when seeking to find an amazing boutique hotel accommodation. It is located in the heart of the Medina which makes it an ideal jump-off point for an urban adventure.

Talking about finding an amazing boutique hotel, location wise, how would you like to find a Marrakech accommodation that is just a “stone’s throw” away from the Souks? That is what you would certainly get with Riad Zina. It is an alluring 4-room hotel that offers all the modern comforts of a luxury accommodation that blends with authentic architecture and style of a classic Moroccan household.

This Riad has no pool, private hammam, or covered patio but there is a large and sunny roof terrace with a shaded area and all the comforts needed to relax and reinvigorate. Best of all, Riad Zina is a certified base for guests who wish to explore the city and these qualities certainly make up for the lack of having luxuries such as a pool and hammam. When looking for a Marrakech accommodation, you will never find yourself running out of excellent choices. There is certainly a boutique hotel that is perfect for you and your needs!

Parched and Pampered In Bangkok

Thailand’s bustling capital is on a high, literally! From the towering high walls of the Royal Palace to the soaring skyscrapers that block out the sun, everything about Bangkok is lofty without being patronizing. With a perfect mix of cultural high spots, modern infrastructure, inexpensive, yet excellent hospitality and world-famous street food, Bangkok is ideal for your holidays, no matter what you’re looking for.

Typical tourist itineraries in Bangkok dedicate a day to visiting the Grand Palace with its Emerald Buddha, the reclining Buddha at Wat Pho and the Wat Traimit, the Temple of the Golden Buddha. Other cultural attractions include Wat Benchamabophit, the Bangkok National Museum and the Dusit Palace.

For children, the Dusit Zoo, Safari World and the Siam Oceanworld are exciting places to visit and enjoy. Don’t miss the experience of petting tigers that sit relaxed among a group of monks at Kanchanaburi.

Though these are some of the key attractions of Bangkok, they are not the reasons that make Bangkok one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In fact, recent surveys claim that Bangkok IS the most popular tourist destination, surpassing both London and Paris in the number of visitors the city is expected to receive this year.

The reason for this is, apart from its unique cultural attractions, the city also offers amazing hospitality for backpackers as well as luxury seekers, terrific spas, exceptional shopping and of course, sensational food.

The spa culture of Bangkok in particular, gets a lot of attention from tourists. A traditional Thai massage soothes the body and makes you feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated. After a hectic day of sightseeing under the sun, there can be nothing better than a gentle Thai massage to soothe your nerves. From inexpensive, but efficient 250 Baht massages at beauty parlors like the Take Care Beauty salon to high-end boutique packages offered at spas like Coran Boutique, there are treatments for different budgets and expectations.

Shopping is another lovely adventure in Bangkok; if you were planning to get nothing more than a tan in Bangkok, you’re in for a surprise. With affordable prices, fun markets like the Patpong night market and the Chatuchak weekend market and plenty of malls like the MBK Shopping Centre and Erawan, Bangkok is a haven for shoppers.

And when you’re done with shopping, make sure to taste the excellent street food for which Thailand is famous. Take your pick from Tom Yang Kung, a sour prawn soup, Pad Thai and Somtham, crispy fried noodles, khao man kai and for dessert, kanom roti. If your taste allows, try the deep-fried grasshoppers and crickets of Khao San road. Ice creams, fresh fruit juices and shakes are a favorite with locals as well as tourists. Forget your calories and take a plunge!

The nightlife in Bangkok is naughty and notorious; Silom is famous for its nightlife. Best haunts are Slim & Flix, Demo at Thong Lor and Bed Superclub in Sukhumvit. Take your pick, get yourself a glass and dance away!