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Lower East Side Apartments – A Diverse Selection of Apartments Available

Lower East Side apartments offer a diverse range of amenities and facilities. This exciting neighbourhood runs from the Bowery to East River and from the Grand Street to Houston Street. Home to a lot of young residents, this area is known to be very diverse, vibrant and exciting. The neighbourhood borders quite a lot of cultural centres like NoLita, Chinatown, Alphabet City and Little Italy. The culture of these neighbourhoods blends in to Lower East Side, making it a very interesting place to live. The living options available in the area are just as diverse with newly constructed luxury doorman buildings as well as several walkups.

Several Entertainment and Recreation Options

One of the best things about Lower East Side apartments is that it offers its residents several things to do. The neighbourhood has its own distinct style. The streets in the area are packed with a large number of establishments with the residences above. Boutique stores of all kinds specializing in accessories and clothing can be found in large numbers in the area. For residents, Essex Street Market is one of the most popular places since it offers gourmet food items, fresh produce as bakery items. One of the best hidden gems of NYC is located in the area, Shopsin’s. the East River Park is a great place for those who like to be physically active since it has sports fields and jogging paths.

Diverse Nightlife

Another advantage of selecting Lower East Side apartments is that it offers a great and a very diverse nightlife. The area is home to several good bars and restaurants. There are many good spots that offer a diverse culinary experience. Since years the neighbourhood has been attracting food lovers. It has several Jewish establishments like Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery, Russ & Daughters and Katz’s Delicatessen that are very popular with residents. When it comes to the nightlife, the streets of he neighbourhood are packed with younger people on weekend nights. The neighbourhood also has several venues to enjoy live music, high end hotel lounges and a variety of other entertainment venues.

Although it may all sound to be very promising, there are several things that you will have to keep in mind if you are planning to find a good apartment in the area. For those who are on a lower budget, you will have to be patient when you are hunting on a budget. Although there are several walkups in the area you can expect to pay a premium price because of the location and the amenities that are available in the area. However, with a little research you will be able to find Lower East Side apartments that fit your budget.

Luxury Waterfront Apartments – Can You Live the Dream?

Having the opportunity to purchase a luxury waterfront apartment in Paihia is on many people’s wish list. Paihia is located in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. This incredible region is one of such natural beauty that once you visit you will find it very difficult to leave.

If you purchase a property you could turn it into an investment in those months that you may not use it. You will be able to generate cash by renting it out to the many tourists who visit this beautiful region, for the great weather and hospitality. There are so many activities to choose from; from going swimming with Dolphins to hiring a kayak to explore the coastal inlets as well as doing all of the usual water sports. With great restaurants, boutique shops and a golf course it is difficult to imagine what else a tourist would need in order to have a fantastic holiday.

If you do not intend using the property as an investment, Paihia is a great place to live. This part of the coast is relatively unspoilt, the waters are safe to swim in and the views are just incredible. In addition to the excellent facilities available locally, you also get a dose of history as the old capital Russell is only a short distance away by ferry.

When choosing which luxury waterfront apartments in Paihia to buy, you should consider a number of factors:

1) Is the price reasonable?
Obviously the type of property you can afford will depend on your budget. You should view a number of different apartments to make sure you are getting the best value for your cash. A property with a sea view, spacious accommodation and some luxury facilities, for example a popular facility is an ensuite.

2) The location
As with any type of real estate investment, location should always be a factor when making a purchase. You may find a real bargain in an as yet underdeveloped area but you should bear in mind that it may be difficult to live in a building zone for the next number of months/years.

3) The facilities on offer
This is particularly important if you intend to use the apartment for investment. Is there a manned reception in the apartment complex? Is there an onsite manager? What facilities are included in the complex. For example, does it have a swimming pool, sauna, gym, parking, or cleaning services?

Buying luxury waterfront apartments in Paihia should not be rushed into. With the right help and advice, you can secure the property of your dreams and perhaps even turn it into a money maker!

Sleek Furniture at Stanley Boutique – Furniture in Hyderabad

What you see - So far, so good! You may have not really bought your furniture from this store, but would have definitely seen those words on the huge hoardings across strategic locations (read: the one where loaded people reside or regularly travel to) in the city. Now this is one advertisement copy that we totally agree with since we found the sofas at Stanley Boutique really, really good.

However, what’s not good with this boutique is its location. Now though it is located at Babukhan Mall, Hyderabad you cannot enter it from there (the sales executive told us that he was new and so didn’t know why). You have to take the lane next to Mangatrai Jewellers and then turn right. Now if you are going to ask a potential customer who has already parked his vehicle at the mall to walk down that lane, you will have to hear Shania Twain’s song – That don’t impress me much!

What you get - Made of Italian leather, the sofas here are available in a large variety of colors. So don’t be surprised if you ask for dark green colored sofas and you find it right there in this boutique. And if you don’t, they would be willing to make those for you. Custom-styling options, therefore, are available at Stanley Boutique.

Apart from colors, you can even choose the thickness of the leather that you want your sofas to be made of (0.9 mm, 1 mm etc). You should check out the reptile and weave prints if you prefer your sofas with some designs. And if you are looking for the recliner variety of sofas go for the La-Z-Boy brand. On these sofas you can rock, recline or even sleep. Don’t even think of using these at your workplace for the sake of productivity.

It’s not just great sofas that you can find at Stanley. Check out their small but admirable collection of tables, chairs, cushions, clocks, lamp shades and other interesting decorative pieces. In fact, you can even get cushions with Swarovski crystals here. And as far as the tables are concerned, we suggest that you should take a look at the center and side tables with curved base. These look really sleek and are sure to make a great impression. Chairs look good too but we found them a little heavy to pull up. Clocks look like the ones you would see at a really old church.

Let’s give you some information on the sales executives here. They are friendly and know what they are selling. They will advise you on what would go for the office and what at home, what color you should choose based on the color of the wall that you have and will even make an instant call to their warehouse in Bangalore to find out how much time it would take to make a new piece of furniture. Great going guys!

Oh! And the biggest deciding factor – the price. Let’s put it this way. If you are looking for style, with great designs, then be ready to splurge a few lakhs in a jiffy.