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Boutique Hotels: The Perfect Choice for Those Looking for Something Unconventional and Charming

Boutique hotels are distinguished by their personalised services. They are small, yet provide much more than a typical Bed and Breakfast. Each boutique has a unique design to set it apart from all others. Since they are not a part of large hotel chains, they don’t have generic furnishings and decorations. Indeed, no two boutiques are exactly alike.

Some companies do own a small collection of these hotels, yet they do take an individualised approach with each one. For instance, some are designed with an overall romantic theme. These cater to couples and honeymooners. They often host wedding ceremonies and parties. There are some boutique hotels that are ideal for both business and leisure travellers, as they are located in or near large cities, and contain large conference rooms.

Those who want to stay in an old-fashioned country cottage or house will find that they have plenty to choose from in England. Several boutiques offer a classic Edwardian, Georgian, or Victorian experience to travellers who want a blend of traditional furnishings and modern facilities.

There is no single definition for the term “boutique hotel”. It could be non-traditional, small, chic, unconventional, etc. The only thing in which they all have in common is that they each have a high degree of personalisation and are staffed by friendly employees. Since they deal with fewer guests, they are able to provide more services than those of chain hotel employees.

In addition to friendly service, guests can also expect all of the amenities they could ever need: wireless internet, flat screen televisions with remote controls, DVD players, toiletries, telephones with voice mail, and so forth. It’s not uncommon to find Jacuzzis in the bathrooms – even in old country hotels! Some have golf courses and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Even though they are small, they still have restaurants and bars on their premises. They offer fine cuisine, wine, and a choice of formal or informal dining. Everything that can be found at a large luxury hotel can also be found at a boutique hotel. Since the latter is smaller overall, more attention is given to details. A lot of time goes into making each room a work of art. These chic hotels are located throughout Great Britain in every major city and in small towns.

Even the ones located out in the country can be accessed by various forms of public transportation. Free parking is usually available for guests who prefer to drive themselves. Boutique hotels are the perfect choice for any traveller who wishes to have peace and quiet during his or her holiday.

Apartments For Sale in Buenos Aires Argentina

The best locations in Buenos Aires. New construction apartments in the heart of Palermo. Palermo covers a large swath of residential Buenos Aires, including Palermo Viejo, Palermo Alto, and Palermo Chico as well as Palermo Park. Palermo Viejo is a large area that can be further subdivided into Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood. Palermo Hollywood is home to the trendiest restaurants in Buenos Aires. The cost of living in Argentina is quite low, so your retirement funds will be able to stretch a long way in this part of the world. The nation is recovering from its past economic recession, so right now you have the best of both worlds: Prices are low, and the economy is improving.

This second fact means that there are lots of opportunities at the moment for making investments in Argentina as well, perhaps helping to fund your Argentine retirement. You can live in the gorgeous metropolis of Buenos Aires, which is full of culture, art and museums. Or if you are searching for more tranquility for your retirement, then you can set yourself up on a stunning private ranch in the beautiful Argentine countryside.

The capital has all the symbols of modernity: joggers, Internet caf├ęs, ubiquitous cell phones, women who have clearly resorted to plastic surgery, psychiatrists and real-estate agents, health-food stores and overpriced folklore boutiques. There is a large expatriate community in the northern suburbs of the city, where you’ll find supermarkets with shelves stocked with familiar American products.

All indications are that an investment in an apartment in Buenos Aires is a good one. If this interests you, you have two options:

  • You can buy something small, something that would be considered a starter home for a single person or a couple;
  • Or you can buy a larger unit, a “classic” apartment in one of the better neighborhoods.

A smaller apartment would make a good long-term rental on the local market, returning a good profit with minimal hassle. Given the current economic crisis in this country, though, eviction could be a potential worry. However, laws in Argentina are similar to those in the United States, and the eviction process isn’t overly difficult.

Norfolk’s City and Central B and B and The Holiday Cottage

Norfolk, a county situated in the east of England, whose county-town or the main city is Norwich. Norwich is one of the popular destinations for tourists. The attractions that draw the thousands are not only the museums and the old paved streets but also the Castle, the Norwich cathedral, Cow Tower, the Forum and the Dragon Hall. It is also one of the favourite shopping places. All these make the city a pliant option for the development of the tourism market.

The tourists have a variety of hotels to choose from. From the usual breakfast and bed to the more romantic boutiques, to the lavish ones that have spas and golf courses, all the hotels have a common aim, to provide “a home away from home experience”, to deliver to the travellers a care and comfort.

The Bread and Breakfast

The bread and breakfast hotels started basically for the business travellers who needed to find an accommodation only for the night. The breakfast was also included in the room rates. Usually they started with only ten rooms, but the Central Hotel has 16 rooms with additional nine in the Central Hotel annexe. The rooms are of three basic types: the ensuite (with attached bathrooms and some amenities), the standard and the deluxe.

The various B&B offers discounts on the room rates and also special offers during weekends and holidays. They are fantastic as they are easy on the pocket and also bring delicious early morning continental breakfasts.. It also gives the travellers an insight of the locals and their customs. The B&B’s are also pet friendly and therefore the family who travel with their pets, they are an excellent option.

The Self-Catering and the Holiday Cottage

Some tourists want the freedom of entering and leaving the hotel as they want. For them the best option is the self-catering cottages. The travellers can chose from lavish chateaus to barns to apartments near the city. Perfect places for breaking away from the hustle of the city life, these places give the freedom to enjoy as and however the tourists want.

The cottages are self catering and come with the most modern facilities so that the stay of the tourist is as comfortable as it gets. The years of experience and local knowledge enables that the staff give the highest standard of service to the guests and ensure that they give repeat business.

Other than this, the hotel also caters to small parties. They also reduce their rates during the weekends and the holidays. The discounted rates change from time to time. They also have offers for tourists who stay for a long time or and for the travellers who are willing to share their accommodation with each other. These lucrative discounts also ensure that the tourists come back to the same hotel over and over again.