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Spanish Apartment Rentals – Try Ibiza Town For Great Weather, Beaches, Nightlife and More!

Holidaymakers often book Spanish apartment rentals in Ibiza because they want hot weather, great beaches and a taste of the famous nightlife. Sometimes visitors are surprised that Ibiza Town offers much more than this. Ibiza Town (also known locally as Eivissa) is a very attractive holiday destination with its fine restaurants, ancient fortifications, imposing cathedral and an excellent variety of shops. The holiday season when people book Ibiza holiday apartments or holiday villas in Ibiza town begins in late April and lasts until October with temperatures ranging from the twenties to the mid thirties Celsius.

For those visitors looking for sun and sand that are staying in holiday villa rentals or Ibiza holiday apartments you can find several wonderful beaches in the vicinity of Ibiza Town: Playa de Talamanca borders Talamanca Bay and is a pleasant sandy beach with clear waters. It can be reached in about 20 minutes on foot, as can playa de Figueretas. The lively resort of Playa d’en bossa has the longest stretch of beach on the island and is dotted with bars and cafes. It is a favorite with tourists who enjoy watersports. If you want to go a bit further afield from your Spanish apartment rentals, the beaches around Ses Salines are easily reached by bus and are thought to be some of the finest on the island. You can also take a ferry to the neighbouring island of Formentera where the beaches are second to none.

If you are staying in self-catering Ibiza holiday apartments or holiday villas in Ibiza Town you may be interested to know about the local food. As a result of the numerous nationalities who have lived in Ibiza in the past, you will find that many diverse dishes make up the gastronomy of the island. A couple of traditional dishes worth trying are Ibizan-style tuna, roast pork, fish soup and rustic stir-fries with meat, potatoes and vegetables. Ibiza also offers a good selection of drinks to go with your food. Locally produced beer, wine and spirits are available at very reasonable prices and Cocktails are available in most bars. There are also plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available which make use of the wide selection of fruit grown on the island. Ibiza Town boasts a significant selection of restaurants for visitors who are staying in self-catering Spanish apartment rentals in Ibiza.

While you are staying in your Spanish villa or Spanish apartment rentals in Ibiza you may well get to experience one of the many fiestas which take place throughout the year. There are fiestas for each town as well as for the patron saints days. The town fiestas can go on for a week and usually have lots of children’s entertainment, live shows, competitions and parades through the town with floats ending with spectacular firework displays. The Eivissa Medieval Festival is held on the second Sunday in May. This new festival includes concerts and dancing and celebrates the declaration of D’alt Villa as a World Heritage site in 1992.

Ibiza Town thanks to its numerous disco bars and clubs is well known for its busy nightlife and tourists often book their Spanish apartment rentals here to take advantage of this. The town offers visitors some of the island’s best night-time entertainment and certainly the finest selection of restaurants and cafes. It tends to appeal to more sophisticated visitors than the coastal resorts and there is also quite a significant gay scene in the town. The bars in the town tend to open in the early evening and stay open well after midnight. Many of the more well-known nightclubs do not open until after midnight and don’t close until 6 am or later. Nightclub entrance can be very expensive from about 20 to 50 Euros, sometimes more.

Many people who stay in Spanish apartment rentals or holiday villas in Ibiza town enjoy shopping and the retail outlets in Ibiza town are very good and varied. They range from street vendors and flea markets to world class designer boutiques. There are the famous ‘hippie markets’ on Wednesdays just a bus ride away and the flea market every Saturday. The stalls sell everything, but tend to specialize in local art and souvenirs. For upmarket shopping you need to go to the Sa Penya and Sa Marina districts in the dock area of Ibiza town.

Gothic and Modern Barcelona

When you decide to visit Spain, Barcelona should be on the top of the list of the cities worth visiting. It’s the most unusual and the least Spanish city in the whole country.

Barcelona is one of the largest cities in Spain and one of the main tourist destinations. It’s also the capital of Catalonia, a province with its own language and big ambitions.

Millions of visitors Barcelona receives every year, are attracted by the original architecture and live attitude.

The conditions for tourist in the whole travel infrastructure are perfect. Barcelona has more than 300 hotels, like Madrid, but the capital of the Spain is twice as big as Barcelona.

When you think of Barcelona architectural attractions Antonio Gaudi buildings are the first things that come to mind. The best known is his unfinished structure – Sagrada Familia (the Holy Family) cathedral. This masterpiece of the architectural thought has became the symbol of the city. Its image adorns the postcards, photos and travel guides devoted to Barcelona.

Barcelona has small Gaudi museum – in Apartment and office block – La Pedrera, – also of his work. His style is unmistakable and is noted for clear, bright colors and the untraditional lines.

Old city with almost two thousand years history, Barcelona survived its rises and falls. After Roman and later Arabian invasions, in Middle Ages Barcelona became one of the most significant cities of the Mediterranean. If you like to sink into the medieval atmosthere, you can visit the houses of the nobility, which still adorn the centre of Barcelona.

Don’t forget shopping when you come to Barcelona. Its most famous shopping street La Rambla (also called Las Ramblas) has the numerous amount of the prestigious boutiques and the small shops with the works of the local craftsmen.

Barcelona has gained its glory not only by its architecture, but by the people born in the city too. Pablo Picasso, Juan Miro, Jose Carreras, Montserrat Caballe and the above-mentioned Antonio Gaudi – are the greatest Barcelona citizens.

One of the unique attractions in Barcelona is Barcelona Aquarium. It’s the biggest aquarium in Europe with more than 300 species of the sea fauna. 80-meters tunnel goes under the huge oceanarium with sharks and the rare fishes.

Barcelona is also one of the Spanish sport centers. Its stadium “Nou Camp” (or “Camp Nou”) is considered to be one of the best stadiums in the country, and Barcelona clubs (football and basketball) are always among the leaders of the Spanish championships.

Barcelona warm climate makes the city a very popular destination for summer trips and beach holidays. The most of the beaches are situated around the Olympic Village, built in 1992 for the Olympic games. The only problem is that they are often overcrowded.

Serviced Apartments in Milton Keynes and Northampton – Ideal for Business Travel

Business is facing uncertain times, not just in the UK, but globally. Business travel has always been a feature of working life for many employees, but with budgets tight companies are looking for ways to cut costs. However, the very nature of many businesses means that employees are still required to spend days, sometimes weeks and months away from home. Finding the right balance between cost and comfort has led to new developments in the hospitality industry in the last few years. This has included the rise of the serviced apartment as an alternative to hotel accommodation.

Growth and Location

Two cities in the UK that continue to see a level of growth in business as well as population are the South Midlands cities of Northampton and Milton Keynes. Both cities are logistically well placed – close to the capital with access to major communications routes throughout the UK. Milton Keynes was established in the 1960s with two specific aims: to alleviate overcrowding in London and to become a regional centre in its own right. Northampton is an older city that has grown as a result of its logistically strategic location and relatively competitive housing costs. Milton Keynes is now well established as a major centre for business and a destination for businesses travelers from throughout the UK, not to mention the rest of the world.

Long and short stays

Individual requirements for accommodation in Milton Keynes or Northampton depend on the length of stay. For business travelers requiring accommodation in either city from a night to more than a week, the serviced apartment provides a competitively priced alternative to hotel accommodation. For those finding their companies making a permanent move to the city, serviced apartments in Milton Keynes provide the perfect ‘stepping stone’ when relocating. The majority of apartments in Northampton and Milton Keynes are centrally located with easy access to the main transport links and business districts. Serviced apartments offer not only privacy and flexibility, but also zero house-cleaning worries. Including weekly maid services, laundry services and all you would expect from a boutique hotel, there is a range of accommodation in Milton Keynes available at prices that are highly competitive with terms that can range from a few days to months.

Relocating resource

A realistic alternative to the real estate rentals for those in the process of relocating to Milton Keynes or Northampton, apartment accommodation can be found that provides space for individuals or whole families. With the uncertainty in the housing market, the flexibility of a serviced apartment is one of the key factors that make them so attractive to this particular market. When the sale of a previous home goes through it pays to be able to move quickly on a new one, but if this is not possible, a serviced apartment can be retained for a longer period. Whether it is for short term business travel or part of a relocation strategy, the serviced apartment is set to become the favoured form of accommodation for business travelers around the world.