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Among the hustle bustle of your routine, if you are looking for peaceful places to stay then boutique hotels Sydney offers you your own personal stay. Apart from shopping and exploring the cities, one also seeks solace and comfort. To many people, privacy also matters who like to maintain their taste no matter where they go. Keeping this need in mind boutique hotels Sydney gives ample service to give their customers every theme or provisions they desire.

Your private space

Hotels Sydney also offers personal attention to their customers. The world class hotels in Sydney promise to give you the most pleasant and luxurious stay. If you want your room either with Wi-Fi internet and gadgetry equipped or you want an isolated serene space away from all these commotion, you can get either of these with no difficulty. Hotel package Sydney/Canberra tries to fulfill all your needs by offering the excellence in their service and hospitality. Discover yourself in the peaceful ambiance the phenomenal natural therapies offered by Canberra hotels. The spa treatments, no doubt, remove all your stress symptoms and relax your constricted muscles. They also add lustre not only to your body but to your life as well.

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The most memorable moment you share with your spouse is highlighted with superb services and privileges that honeymoon couples get in hotel deals Sydney/ Canberra. The personal attendants and private bars to enjoy a quality time in fondling and expressing love for each other, are the great features of many boutique hotels Sydney. Apart from the services being offered in hotels, the pictorial sites and incredible places let you discover not only the heritage of Australia but also your partner’s love. Get the best benefits provided by numerous luxurious hotels to make your honeymoon lasts forever. Get the best cruises and night shows offered by these hotels in Sydney that thrill your partner and makes your honeymoon more luxurious.

Family stay

Spend leisure time with your kids and family in such hotels while having great vacations. Treat your wife as a queen and give your kids a playful environment with the special privileges for kids in hotel packages Sydney/ Canberra. The splendid treatment for ladies in spa make your spouse feel more delighted and your children will certainly enjoy and love the change. In family packages you can enjoy free breakfast, special discounts and exclusive access to night shows & kid’s gaming zone. Apart from this, Canberra hotels also provide the recreational activities and sports. You can play golf, your kids can revel in horse riding and your wife can indulge in cash winning parties. Hotels in Canberra give you the tremendous scope to experience the joy of whole year in a few weeks.

Make your stay as luxurious as these hotels are and experience the best time of life by living lavishly in these world class boutique hotels.

Condominiums Around Asoke and Phetchaburi Rd

Sukhumvit 21, aka Soi Asoke, is the busiest business district in Bangkok after Silom. It’s also a hub of social activity offering shopping, fine restaurants, hotels, and lots of choices in accommodation. Renting a condo in Asoke gives resident access to one of the most centralized locations in the Thai capital.

With both the MRT and BTS lines running through the Asoke intersection, this makes it a highly convenient and desirable location in which to live. Asoke is a retail, commercial, and residential district of Bangkok, and as such there are many desirable options in homes to choose from. Competition is fierce, fortunately, as this makes the choice of condos and apartments in the vicinity both wide-ranging and attractive for those seeking accommodation here.

In this article we will highlight three of the best condos to rent in the Asoke area. The first one is a relatively old favourite of ours, The Wind 23, or the Wind Asoke as it is also called. The Wind 23 is a well-appointed, modern styled luxury condominium complex. With large windows, open spaces, and a tropical feel to the place, this is a very comfortable and attractive condominium.

The Wind Condominium, Asoke

The Wind Asoke was a favourite for expats back in 2011. Now that the building is just over two years old, it has established itself as one of the most popular and attractive condos in the Asoke area for its type and it’s not hard to fathom why.

Condos at the Wind 23 Asoke are finished with some superb fixtures and fittings. Attention to details is impressive, and touches like built-in wardrobes, storage rooms, and concealed air-conditioning compressors, show just how well thought out these units actually are.

The Wind 23 Asoke – The Conclusion

This is a luxury tower condominium complex, and even though it’s located in the heart of Bangkok, it’s also situated in a quiet part of Asoke. The units are beautifully designed, and the building itself is just 200 meters from the BTS and MRT Asoke intersection. The facilities include:

  • Reception area
  • Swimming pool with infinity edge
  • Children’s pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Sauna

These things and more all contribute towards making the Wind 23 a top pick for the area.

The Address Asoke Condominium

The Wind is not the only attractive luxury condo in Asoke. The recently constructed Address Asoke condominium is fast offering a range of units to rival the Wind. Located just a two minute walk from both the Phetchburi MRT and the Makkasan airport link stations, the Address Asoke is conveniently located to take advantage of the Bangkok Metro system.

Anyone renting a condo at the Address Asoke can easily be at Suvanabhumi airport within 15-20 minutes by taking the express train, or travel into town and be at Phayathai BTS station in around 10 minutes. Alternatively, residents can hop on the MRT underground train and be at Sukhumvit in only two minutes, or Ratchada in around five minutes. In fact, it is hard to find a condo in Bangkok with better links to the city than this one.

There is even an Asoke pier located just two minutes from the building from where residents can take the Khlong Saen Saep Express Boat service. This is an incredibly inexpensive and convenient way to travel around the city along Bangkok’s Saen Saeb Canal system, but be warned, it’s not for the faint hearted!

The Address Asoke – The Conclusion

This is one of Bangkok’s newer luxury high-rise (44 stories) condominiums housing 574 units of varying sizes. One bedroom condos rage from 36-46 square meters and two bed options measure 65-75 square meters. With its perfect location and most comprehensive and impressive list of amenities in the city, The Address Asoke has easily earned its place on our best condos list of 2013.

The Circle Condominium, Asoke/Phetchaburi

Also found close to the canal and near to Asoke is the Circle Condominium complex, consisting of two high-towers. The building is located just a few minutes’ walk from Phetchburi MRT station and within close proximity to the airport link station at Makkasan. Anyone looking to rent a home at The Circle Condominium will be pleased to know that there is a choice of units available, ranging from smart studios, to one and two bedrooms.

There are a total of 901 units between the two towers. Tower I has 30 stories and Tower II has 43, which is ideal for those who like to live high up. Of course, the Circle Condo comes with the usual array of facilities you’d expect to find in mid to high-end accommodation around central Bangkok, including:

  • Swimming pool
  • Garden areas
  • Smart reception area
  • Fitness studios
  • Covered car-parking
  • 24 hour security

The Circle Condo – The Conclusion

This is a truly classy high-rise residential condominium. As well as all the expected features, the Circle also has a garden centred around a jungle theme (including a waterfall), a luxurious lobby area with free Wi-Fi, a world class fitness center, a library, luxury home theatre, natural style Jacuzzi/hot spa, Infinity edge, large swimming pool, and a children’s pool. Add to this the well thought out, super modern rooms, plus the condo’s proximity to Bangkok’s public transportation network, and you can see why The Circle is such a popular choice with Bangkok expats.

So, if you are looking for the convenience of a downtown Bangkok location, easy walking distance to BTS, MRT, airport links, and perhaps even the Saen Saeb Canal system, then Asoke is possibly the place for you. Very few locations in Bangkok offer resident both the convenience of the metro systems and the kudos of living next to some of the best shopping malls, boutique stores, and the finest restaurants in the city. All this and at such reasonable living costs too.

And that concludes the three most popular condominiums with the Bangkok expats as of 2013/14

Usage and Significance of Clothing Labels

With the growing level of competition in recent times, standing out amongst many has become a compulsion. It does not matter whether you are running a small boutique or you are the owner of a large apparel line, having your own identity is imperative to survive in this volatile business scenario. This is why the significance of clothing tags is unremittingly increasing in recent times.

Gone are the days, when people enter the shop and pick up what appeals to the eyes. Lately, people, irrespective of their economic backgrounds have become extremely fashion conscious, which leads to their growing affinity for different national and international brands. Investing in a branded apparel, somewhat determines style statement nowadays. As a matter of fact, quite a large number of garment makers are entering the scene almost every day. Hence, without a label, it’s almost impossible to run a clothing line in an extremely fashion conscious world.

A lot of designers and manufacturers nowadays are resorting to customised clothing labels to create their own identity in the global marketplace. While the new designers are using the custom labels to highlight their uniqueness, the existing ones are embracing the same to give their own brand a new identity. It’s all about branding nowadays and the clothing labels contribute to effective branding to a great extent. For a clothing line, a brand is just not a name. Although it’s a name that sells, but the popularity of that particular name depends on a lot of thing, for example, the texture, the quality, the fabric, the uniqueness of design and so on.

Customized clothing labels highlight the quality of your product and this is how your brand achieves it selling value. A garment label, not only defines your excellence from the lot, but also contributes to carve your own niche in the market. As far as the marketing of the product is concerned, the clothing tags are the sole determinant of the brand’s receptivity to its customer.

Apart from branding, the purpose of uses a clothing tag is manifold. Some of them are listed here. Let us take a look at some of them:

1. Clothing labels specify the size of a particular product, whether it is large, medium or small. For kid’s clothes, a clothing label defines that particular age group.

2. Sometimes garment labels determine the particular fabric material, such as, wool, cotton or silk. For example, you have a boutique, which mainly specializes in cotton clothes. In that case, you can choose unique fabric labels that could signify the quality of your product as well as the line of your business.

3. Clothing labels also indicate the wash care instructions associated with a particular brand. For example, your clothing line mainly specializes in silks. By choosing a proper custom tag, you can let your customers know that this particulars “brand” of clothing is recommended for hand wash and not for machine wash or bleach.

4. Fabric labels sometimes carry the designer’s or the manufacturer’s signature, brand name or logo.

5. You can also add a tagline that goes with your logo and reflects the high points of your brand.